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Note to my Readers:

First of all, I would like to say that I have not forgotten about you guys, or this blog. Na’sha and her story are dear to my heart. I simply have not had the time to write in many months now. Family stuff keeps cropping up, most recently with my grandmother being ill. I am her caregiver and caring for her needs take up a lot of my time. What little free time that I do have has been spending quality time with my husband.
I do intend to continue telling Na’sha’s story, if there are any left still willing to read it, I may just be a bit delayed in getting back to it.


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Old Friends and New part 3

I followed Lord Saragus into the parlor. Dak and Shorcuk were seated in the lavish chairs,looking nervous and somewhat out of place. They both arose as I entered. I smiled and walked toward them. My heart leapt with happiness at the sight of them. I hadn’t realized until that moment, just how much I had missed them. I held out my arms to Dak, who upon taking them, brought both of my hands to his lips and kissed them. Shorcuk growled low in his throat, seeking my attention. I turned to him and before I could blink, he had picked me up and squeezed me against his fuzzy chest, smothering me in his embrace.

“Whoa there, big fella, she might need to breathe again sometime soon!” Dak laughed at the Wookiee’s enthusiasm.

Shorcuk eased his grip and gently placed me back onto the floor. I laughed as Shorcuk gave me a sheepish look.

“It’s ok, buddy, I missed you too.

All this time our host stood quietly by the fireplace, watching our little reunion. I could feel his eyes on me, his gaze burning into my back. My skin tingled between my shoulder blades, as if it knew exactly where his attention was focused. I cleared my throat and turned to him.

“My Lord, I would like you to meet my crew.” I motioned to Dak with a flourish of my hand. “This is Dak. He is the best mechanic in the business and can charm the wings off a Flewt. He is also damn fast on a swoop bike.” Dak bowed to the Sith who politely returned the bow. I moved on to the Wookiee. “And this is Shorcuk, pilot extraordinaire. His loyalty is unmatched. I would trust him with my life, and have on many occasions.”

I waved a hand toward our host. “Boys, this is our gracious host, Lord Saragus. Without him and his lovely sister, I don’t know where I would be. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Saragus smiled slightly at the statement. “Your beautiful boss gives me far too much credit. I merely gave her a place to stay, nothing more.” He turned to me with a lasting look, that made my skin tingle again. “And you have more than repaid me with the pleasure of your company, little one.”

As swiftly as the words were said, his mood again shifted to abruptness. “Now that the formalities are out of the way, please allow my servant droid to show you to your chambers, where you can rest and freshen up. I am certain you three have a lot of catching up to do. I will send someone for you when dinner has been prepared.”

With that, Saragus summoned his servant and we were led out of the parlor and toward the guest quarters. We walked without speaking, the only sound was the clicking of the droid’s footsteps reverberating off of the shiny floors.

Saragus had placed them in rooms on a separate wing from my own. The furnishings were equally as lovely, the colors as vibrant, but the lack of any fountains or gardens made me more appreciative of my room’s location. The droid stopped before a set of adjoining rooms and pointed toward them. “Here we are, sirs. Please enjoy your stay. I will have your bags brought in shortly.” With that, he bowed and shuffled down the long corridor.

Shorcuk nodded to Dak and me and slipped into his room, leaving us alone. I wondered at the look that passed between them. I smiled at Dak and started to speak. He cut me off.

“Don’t go just yet. I need to speak to you in private.”

I nodded and followed him into his room. Once inside, he slid the door shut and pressed the lock on the wall panel. I followed him to the plush couch in the left corner of the room. We sank into the softness of the cushions and I sat there, waiting for him to speak. He pulled a small holo communicator from his jacket and placed it in my hand.

“He will call you late tonight. Keep it hidden until then. The frequency is secure,so you should be okay.”

A lump formed in my throat and my stomach felt queasy at the thought of finally hearing from Aiden. I wanted so much to hear his voice, but part of me was afraid of what I would hear when he called. I raised my eyes from the object in my hand and carefully placed it in my pocket.

“How is he? Is he okay?”

Dak nodded. “The last time I saw him, he was fine, just sick with worry over you.”

I could feel the waves of my doubt, my fear, my loneliness threatening to spill over, regardless of how hard I fought to hold it back.

“Is he, Dak, is he really? Then where is he? Why isn’t he here? Why didn’t he come for me?” My voice sounded husky with emotion, even to my own ears. I was angry, confused and hurt. The reasonable, rational part of me knew that Aiden had a reason for staying behind, but I was in love and love never could see reason.

“He had to, Na’sha, I don’t understand his reason, but he has one and I am certain he will explain it to you when he calls.” He sighed and brought me close to his side. I lay my head on his shoulder and we just sat there for a moment. He squeezed my hand. “I promise, we will figure this out and I promise to be here for you until we do. I will always be here.” Dak laid his cheek on the top of my head. “And, hey, look on the bright side, if you don’t get back to him, I am more than willing to take his place.”

I sat up swiftly, swatting him hard across the thigh. “Dak, you cad!”

“Ouch!” He playfully fought off my attack. “There she is, there’s my girl. I was afraid I had lost her to sadness.”
I looked at him then, really looked at him. I had always seen him as a big brother with an eye for the ladies. He teased and flirted with me, but all in good fun. At that moment though, I realized that I had been stupid not to see it. He loved me. I felt the bottom fall out of my stomach. How could I not have known? Oh, he’d never come out and say it. He respected Aiden and me too much, but it was there, I could see it in his eyes. From now on I would have to be more careful with him. I never wanted to see him hurt, I cared to much about him.

“Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?”

I smiled at him, trying to ease the tension I felt building.

“No reason.”

He cleared his throat and started to speak, just as the droid knocked at the door. I felt a wave of relief that we were interrupted. I didn’t want any awkwardness between Dak and myself. Maybe a nice dinner would settle us down. I hoped the beautiful Fionnuala would be joining us. A sexy Sith might prove a great distraction for Dak’s amorous attentions.

We grabbed Shorcuk and followed the droid out into the corridor. I reached into my pocket and touched the communicator as if to reassure myself that it was still there and hadn’t been just a figment of my imagination. Tonight! I would hear from Aiden tonight!Time couldn’t move fast enough in my opinion.

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An important message to all my readers!

Dear readers,

I wanted to make you guys and gals aware of something important.  Facebook has disabled my account. Their claim for doing so is that I did not use my real name. I had over 2000 friends on my page and hardly one of them uses their real name, probably even some of you reading this. I appealed the action, but unfortunately Facebook refuses to reinstate my page. They claim that Facebook does not allow people to use their page to represent made up persons. My page was about me and my writing, not some made up person. I just used a pen name.  I didn’t advertize or sell anything, just personal stuff and links to my blog. It is extremely unfair to me that I was targeted like that. 

I will be making a new page and I will be posting some new content on this site soon. I just wanted to make you all aware of the situation. I would most appreciate it if you all would do me one favor. Please link this post in your Facebook pages so that others can be aware as well. I was friends with a lot of the same people that most of you are in the star wars community and have no other way to spread the word to them. Not all of them read my work.

Facebook was wrong to take down my page when there are hundreds of thousands of others on their website that do not use their names. Instead of targeting a person like me who uses the site to show off art and writing and to make new friends, they should be targeting those who use it to cause real harm to others.

I will NOT let them win. They may have taken my page, full of people I adore and some of who I can never get back due to their pages being full, but they will not take my spirit and I will make a new page and start over. This time, I will use my real name and see what excuse they come up with for blocking me.

I will let you all know when I make a new page, so you won’t think a crazy person you don’t know is friending you, lol.  Until then, PLEASE help me spread the word on all of your social networks.

I will have new story content up in a couple of weeks maybe less, things have been hectic.

Thanks for your time.


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Old Friends and New Part 2

It took a full two weeks for my companions to arrive at Saragus’s family home. I spent my days getting to know my hosts as well as I could. The dark lord remained pleasant but distant and Fionnuala smiled at the two of us like she knew some amusing detail that only she was privy to. I couldn’t remember doing or saying anything offensive, but I decided to catch Saragus alone and apologize anyway. I couldn’t afford to upset him, after all, I was going to be working for him. My chance came after dinner, the day my crew was to arrive.

I nodded to the servants as I walked toward Saragus’s study. The door was open, usually that meant he wasn’t busy. I eased my head around the opening and saw him, standing with his arms behind his back, gazing out at the landscape. I watched him for a moment, so regal, elegant and at the same time, intimidating. His upbringing and circumstances had given him a certain air that Aiden lacked.

“Do you wish to stare at me all day, little one, or did you need something?”

His voice startled me. I would never get use to a Force user’s ability to sense someone’s presence. I stuttered out a reply.

“I..I didn’t mean to intrude, My Lord. I can come back later if you like.”

Saragus turned to look at me. “No. Come in. I was just about to send for you.”

He walked over and took a seat in one of the armchairs close to the window. “Please, sit down.”

I walked over and sat in the seat opposite him. “You were going to call for me?”

“Yes, but you sought me out, so please, by all means, tell me what you want of me, little one.”

Now that I was before him I didn’t know where to begin. I wasn’t even sure what I was apologizing for.

“I noticed, my lord, that the last few days you seem to barely tolerate my presence. Ever since our talk in the garden, you have seemed different. I am not aware of doing anything to offend you, but whatever I have said or done, I hope you will forgive me. I am not as cultured or as well mannered as your family, so I guess it could have been a lot of things, but I am truly sorry. I do want you to like me.”

All the while I talked, he sat perfectly still and looked at me. Facing down an army would have been less nerve racking. I could feel a trickle of sweat glide down the back of my neck as I waited for him to say or do something, anything.

His expression gave nothing away as he sat there and I waited. After what seemed like years, he spoke.
“It doesn’t happen often, but I am afraid I am at a loss for words.” Saragus ran his fingers through his hair before continuing. “It took courage to come to me and apologize for something unknown to you.” His brow wrinkled and a scowl appeared across his features. “Believe me, little Na’sha, you have nothing to be sorry for. It is I who should beg your forgiveness. I have behaved badly, my dear. I have a lot on my mind and a lot of worry has been placed on my shoulders.”

He leaned forward slightly, propping his elbows on his knees, folding his hands and placing his chin on them. His eyes never left me as he continued to speak. “My sister is in danger and my brother is with the Jedi. Nuala would argue that as the eldest, she should be the one to do the worrying and Aiden would say he can look after himself, but I worry about them, Na’sha. I would destroy the galaxy for either one of them.”

I could hear the passion in his voice as he spoke. There was no doubt in my mind that he meant every word. I couldn’t help but think that everyone should have someone in their life who cared for them so greatly.

“Now there is you.”

“Me?” The sound of his voice startled me from my thought.

“Yes, you, little one. You were involved with Aiden and through him, I learned of your situation with Sinka. I wanted you for the mission I had planned because it had already been thrown in your lap. Nuala believes you are destined to help us and I agreed. Now that we have gotten to know each other these last two weeks, I have grown fond of you. Sending you out on this mission will be dangerous and I find myself worrying now about your safety. That was not a worry that I expected to have.”

He paused for a moment. “I never meant for you to feel as though you had done something wrong; I do hope you understand and will overlook my rudeness.”

He looked at me intently awaiting my answer. He was worried about me? Well that was unexpected. I gave him a reassuring smile. “There is nothing to forgive. I merely misunderstood your actions. I am just glad you aren’t angry with me.”

He returned my smile. “Believe me, little one, I could never be angry at you.”

The way he said that made me slightly fidgety inside. I tried to change the subject.

“Now, what did you want to see me about, my lord?”

“Ah yes!” Saragus stood and walked across the room. He pulled a heavy looking box from behind his desk. “This is why I wanted to see you.” He smiled and motioned me toward him.

I stood and made my way to the large box. I looked at it and then at him.

“Go on, open it.”

I cautiously lifted the lid. I gasped as my eyes appraised the contents.

“I thought you’d need it soon. I hope you like it.”

Now I was at a loss for words. Nestled in the box was the most beautiful set of armor I had ever seen. I ran the tip of my finger over the chest-plate. It was gold, nothing gaudy or bright, but a pale gold; refined and definitely expensive. I let my fingers trace along the silver scroll-work; Mandalorian symbols and knots. It was gorgeous. I had never owned anything like it. I lifted the helmet out of the box. I felt close to tears.

“Well for goodness sake say something.” Saragus’s booming voice filled the silence, causing me to jump.

“It is Mandalorian.”

“You don’t like it?”

If didn’t know better I would have thought that was nervousness I heard in his voice, but a Sith being nervous over a gift was absurd.

“I love it, but it must have cost a fortune. I can’t accept this.”

“You can most certainly accept it and you will. Lets just say a certain Mandalorian armorer owed me a big favor and I collected. You will need a good set of armor. I can’t send you out on a mission unprepared, now can I?” Saragus’s voice softened as he continued. “Besides, Aiden cares for you and that makes you part of the family. You can accept gifts from family.”

I looked up into the Sith Lord’s smiling eyes. He thought of me as family? Aiden’s brother was different from anything I had expected him to be and not at all like a big, bad Sith.

“Thank you.” Even to my own ears, my voice sounded choked. “No one has ever given me a gift like this before.”

“Well, you are most welcome.” Saragus stepped forward and absently brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. “You should be showered with gifts equal to your beauty. Remind me to scold Aiden for not doing so.”

Just as I was about to speak, one of the servants appeared in the doorway. “Forgive me, my lord, but your other guests have arrived.”

Saragus quickly moved his hand from my hair and stepped away, clearing his throat. “Thank you, that will be all.”

The Twi’lek bowed and backed out into the hall disappearing from sight. An uncomfortable silence filled the room. I wasn’t certain what had just happened, much less what to do about it.

Saragus cleared his throat again and motioned me to the doorway. “I will have someone take the armor to your quarters. For now, let us go and greet your friends.” Once again I felt the shift in his demeanor from warm and caring, to cold and professional.

I nodded and let him lead me out of the study.

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Old Friends and New

Saragus closed the comm channel and leaned against the ornate desk in his study. He wiped a hand across his face. Damn those Jedi! Why did they have to make things so difficult and why did his little brother insist on being one? He raised his head as the study door opened. He watched his sister sashay into the room.

“Ever heard of knocking, Nuala love?”

Nuala’s melodious laughter filled the vastness of the room. “Knock? In my own house, really brother, you are hilarious!”

Saragus snorted. “Some of us need our privacy.”

Nuala walked over and planted herself in the nearest chair, feigning deafness. “Was that Aiden on the comm?”

“Indeed. He is sending Na’sha’s crew.” Saragus’s expression grew concerned.

Nuala crossed her legs and raised a brow. “I sense a but in there somewhere”.

Saragus nodded his head slightly. “But… He won’t be joining them.”

“And why not?”

“He doesn’t want the council putting a trace on him and finding us. I understand his logic but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Nuala’s expression darkened. “Whether or not he comes here is not the issue. He needs to leave that place. We have allowed him the freedom to choose his own path, but now, with all that has transpired, surely he sees it is time to come home?”

“We can’t force him to leave the Jedi, sister dear. He has to want to leave. I feel that he wishes to go but he thinks that by staying there, he is protecting us. I would have thought that Na’sha being here would be enough to bring him home, it would be enough for me.”

Nuala smiled mischievously. “Don’t tell me the little vixen has bewitched you as well, she only just arrived.”

Saragus rolled his eyes. No. Na’sha has not bewitched me. I simply find her charming and besides, Aiden has expressed his devotion to her.”

“Relax, Saragus darling, I was merely teasing, though I must say, even I find her appealing.”

Saragus’s eyes softened and crinkled into a smile at his exotic tastes. “Why am I not surprised?” He stood and started for the door. “Now, enough banter, my dear, I have the unpleasant task of informing our bounty hunter that her Jedi won’t be joining us at present.”




I pressed my hand to the window of what the servants called the summer room. I could feel the cold of the outside and see the snow on the distant mountains, but in here, one would never know it existed. I wondered what planet we were on. I gazed around at the large indoor fountain and the lush greenery growing in every nook and cranny. It was a small utopia and I could stay in here forever. I turned as I heard footsteps against the stone floor of the garden paths. Saragus came into view, or I should say, Lord Saragus, but somehow he didn’t seem Sithy enough to have that title. I saw a wealthy, well groomed, family oriented man when I looked at him, not a Sith. I saw some of Aiden’s mannerisms in him, but the strength and charisma were all his own. He reached for my hand as he neared.

“I trust you are enjoying my home?”

“Yes, it is lovely. I appreciate your hospitality, but when are you going to explain what you need me to do? I would assume it is time sensitive, isn’t it?”

“It is, but don’t be in a rush to go to work just yet; enjoy yourself until your friends arrive.”

“My friends are on their way?” I glanced at him, my heart in my throat as I asked, “What about Aiden?”

Saragus looked at me for a moment before he spoke. I still held the hand he had offered me, somehow, his strong fingers made me feel safe. I wasn’t in a rush to remove myself from his grasp. He led me to one of the cushioned seats near the window and motioned for me to sit. I sat close to him and waited for him to speak.

“Aiden can’t get away at the present time. He has to be certain that the council doesn’t suspect his evolvement with us. We can’t afford the Jedi sticking their pompous noses in my family’s affairs.”

I couldn’t hide the disappointment in my eyes as he spoke. He looked as if he were searching for words of comfort. I felt his fingers absently move across my knuckles as he chose his words.

“He will come, when the time is right. I spoke to him. He misses you.”

I sat straight and questioned him. “You spoke to him? Is he alright?”

“Yes. Our call was brief but he expressed his desire to be with you.”

“I hope you are right, my lord. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever mean more to him than his beloved Jedi.”

I hadn’t intended to blurt that out, but I felt that as Aiden’s brother, maybe he would understand. Saragus tighten his hand on mine slightly as he spoke. His expression becoming more engaged.

“Aiden knows how important this mission is; how important family is and he would be a fool not to know how important you are. It is those narrow-minded Jedi! They teach that it is dangerous to love, to feel. Aiden may have been taught by them, but his sister and I have tried to keep him from following that particular Jedi guideline. I believe you have shown him the reason why they are wrong about love.” His gaze softened. “Give it time. These things always work themselves out.”

I hoped he was right but part of me was afraid that Aiden’s loyalty to the Jedi would trump whatever he felt for me, it had happened before. My eyes fell to Saragus’s hand in mine; such a sweet gesture and I felt his gaze follow my lead. He cleared his throat and quickly moved his hand as if he had been bitten.

“Aiden cares for you, little one. You are safe here and you are safe with me.” He spoke those words with such conviction as he stood and faced me. I was puzzled at the strong statement. I knew that I was safe with him, so who was he trying to convince?

His tone became more abrupt, distant. “Your friends will join you in a few days and we will discuss the details of your mission. Aiden will join us when he is able. Until then, all that I have is at your disposal. Enjoy it.”

He walked away, leaving me with a lot to think about. My hand was still warm from his touch. Once he realized he was holding it, he had dropped it and run like a scalded Nexu. What a strange man. I again looked out the window at the snow. I had forgotten to ask him where we were.

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Aiden Part 2

Aiden waited anxiously in his quarters. Night seemed to fall in slow motion, each minute that passed seeming more like an hour. He wondered just what he would find out once he reached the rendezvous. He hoped that all was well and soon he would be speaking with Na’sha. A soft knock sounded at the door, breaking into his thoughts. He walked over and opened it.

Dak stepped inside. He watched as Aiden closed the door and pressed lock on the wall panel.

“So, are you going to tell me anything, Aiden? Not only am I curious, I am crazy with worry about Na’sha, besides, I am not sure how much more of this Shorcuk can take. He is growling a lot more than usual. He thinks he is failing to carry out his part in the life debt he has with her.”

Aiden watched as Dak spoke, he could see the worry in his eyes and he knew he had to share something. “Dak, I do not know much and I won’t until I go to the rendezvous. All I can tell you now is that Na’sha is safe. She is with someone I trust. Unfortunately, the Council believes her to be a Sith spy.”

Dak jerked his head sharply in Aiden’s direction. “Na’sha, a spy? You are joking right?”

“I wish I were joking.” Aiden sat down in the nearest chair and recounted his audience with the Council.

“Have they lost their minds? Surely they know that they should gather more evidence before they condemn her!”

“I agree that they shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but at the moment, I am glad they are not researching the matter further.” Aiden paused, seeming to weigh his words carefully before speaking.” I will not discuss things in depth here, where walls may have ears, but I will say this; there are things that the Jedi need not find out about me, about my family; it would not bode well for my career as a Jedi. There are also things about the Sith that the Jedi are not prepared to learn of, things that are not my place to share.”

Dak looked at Aiden. “Had I not come to know you during the time we have spent together, that last statement might have worried me, but I trust you. I know how much you love the Jedi and I know how much you love Na’sha.”

Aiden nodded. “I do, Dak. I love them both and therein lies the problem.”

Dak sighed. “Just don’t keep the rest of the crew in the dark for too long, okay?”

“You will know something as soon as I return. The council wants you and Shorcuk gone in the morning. Instead, be ready go in an hour. I don’t want them changing their minds. They could decide to hold you for questioning, try to get information from you, concerning the Sith and we both know that you don’t have any.”
“Shorcuk and I will be ready. The last thing we want is to stay here, when Na’sha may have need of us.” Dak walked back toward the doorway. “Knock on my door when you have all the information, we will be waiting.”

As Dak disappeared into the hallway, Aiden sprang into action. He checked the corridor, listening for the sound of approaching footsteps. Hearing only silence, he slipped out and headed for the nearest exit.

The night was warm and breezy as Aiden moved with hast toward the outer garden. He breathed a sigh of relief. The garden was empty. His gait was swift as he moved closer to the outer wall. Knowing that two enclave guardians would be posted outside, he stopped to listen for any conversation between the two. The young Jedi were locked in a heated discussion on force techniques. Aiden took the opportunity and leapt gracefully over the wall and into the darkness.

The Tainted Grove was just as it’s name suggested. The air felt different, stale; the atmosphere more subdued, as if the life of this small stand of trees and grasses was slowly being snuffed out. Aiden could feel the dark,confused thoughts of the grove’s occupants and unconsciously touched the lightsaber dangling at his hip. He knew the disturbance of the grove came from the few padawans, who had become confused on their path and had chosen to remove themselves from Jedi society. He kept close to the shadows as he moved; trying to be silent but swift as he headed for the spot outlined by Master Syndraa.

The tree towered over the grove, once lively and inspiring; now gnarled and dead, as dark as the thoughts that surrounded it. The tree’s shadow stretched creepily across the grove in the moonlight, as Aiden moved closer. He reached the large trunk and ran his hands over the rough bark, searching for the secret notch he knew was there. Finding it, he pushed on the bark. The section of the trunk moved slightly inward and made a popping sound as it released. Aiden pulled gently, the small square of tree coming out into his hand. He carefully reached into the hole, retrieving a small holo communicator.

He glanced around cautiously before making the call. A tiny blue figure appeared above the comm, shimmering in the darkness.

“About time you called, Aiden. I was beginning to worry.”

Aiden couldn’t suppress a small smile at the sight of the Sith Lord. Regardless of belief or faction, he loved his family. He gazed intently at the holo.

“Hello brother. Sorry, but we have to make this quick.”

“Indeed, little brother, we wouldn’t want your Jedi Council to catch you having a conversation with a big, bad Sith.” He let out a hearty laugh.

“Ah, Saragus, you haven’t changed a bit.” Aiden shook his head slightly at his brother’s teasing. “Enough banter, brother, how is Na’sha?”

“She is fine, Aiden, calm yourself. You really don’t take the Jedi’s “no attachment” rule very seriously, do you? Saragus chuckled. “There is hope for you yet, my boy.”

“Put her on, let me see her.” Aiden fidgeted, anxious to see his cyar’ika for himself.

“She doesn’t even know we are speaking. I didn’t want to get her hopes up in case you were delayed.” Saragus paused. “Should I ready your quarters? You are coming aren’t you?”

Aiden clinched his fist in frustration. “Not right away. I don’t want to cause suspicion. There are more here, as you well know, who stand be hurt by my actions should I be discovered. I am sending Na’sha’s crew, but they will have to be careful; I don’t want them followed.”

“A wise move, little brother. I will keep her safe and entertained until their arrival.”

Aiden cringed at the way his brother said “entertained”. Unhealthy thoughts flitted through his mind for a brief moment before being swatted away. Saragus was a wealthy and handsome man who frequently swept women off their feet with his charm. Aiden just hoped Na’sha wouldn’t be one of them.

Saragus laughed. “I can sense your distress from here. No worries. She is safe with me. I would never take something you want. I am your flesh and blood. Your happiness is my happiness.” Saragus seemed thoughtful. “Though, should you change your mind about her…”

“She is mine, Saragus. I let her go once, I won’t make that mistake again.” Aiden felt an ache in the pit of his stomach at the thought of losing her. He regained his composure quickly. “What was Fionnuala doing in the shrine? Why do you have Na’sha?”

Saragus weighed his words carefully. “I had Nuala follow her. I need her help, truly, we all need her help. I haven’t discussed it with her yet, but it is of the utmost importance that she agree. I need you as well, brother.”

“I don’t know how long before I can get away, but I will come.”

Saragus bowed. “I will make arrangements for my guests.” He seemed to stare at Aiden through the holo. “And Aiden, if the Jedi become aware of Syndraa, tell her my house is open to her and the boy.”

Aiden nodded. “I will tell her. He looked into the surrounding darkness. “Now I must go. Be safe brother, and take care of Na’sha.”

“I will, Aiden. Be careful, and hurry home.”

Aiden shut off the communicator and placed it gently back in the hollowed out tree trunk. He pushed the compartment back into place and slipped into the darkness of the grove. He paused to look up at the glistening moon. His brother’s need must be great to recruit outside help. Aiden couldn’t be certain, but he would bet credits that it had to do with the mission his love was already neck deep in. He whispered into the night, “oh Na’sha, what have you gotten us into?”

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Meanwhile, back at the Enclave:

Aiden paced the floor of his chambers impatiently, the sound of his boots echoing in the otherwise silent room.  He stopped every so often and wiped a hand over his tired eyes.  Dak, who had been sitting quietly in the corner, turned to his friend.

“Would you stop pacing already? It isn’t going to do anything but make you sick and me dizzy.  Someone will tell us something soon.”

Aiden stopped and cast a glance in Dak’s direction. “She didn’t come back. This isn’t good. She could be in danger, she …” Aiden, sighed and collapsed into the nearest chair. “She needed me and I let her down. I should have gone with her!”

Dak shook his head. “No, you haven’t let her down, Aiden. We both know that you couldn’t have gone with her. Besides, Na’sha is a big girl, she can handle herself. I am certain that when they know something, they will tell you. Maybe she is just running behind. When I contacted her, she was frustrated, but fine.”

“Then, why doesn’t she answer now?  Wouldn’t she answer if she was alright?” Aiden shook his head in dismay. “How can you be so confident? Aren’t you the least bit worried?”

“You know that I adore her, of course I am worried! It is just that I know what she is capable of and so should you. “

“I do know what she is capable of Dak, but trouble seems to follow her relentlessly.” Aiden gave Dak a downtrodden look. “I don’t know what I would do without her, Dak.”

As Dak was about to speak, a knock sounded at the chamber door. Aiden stood anxiously and pressed a button on the wall panel.  Syndraa was on the other side. She rushed in, the door sliding closed behind her.

She bowed before both men and then turned her attention to Aiden. “I don’t have much time, the council will call on you shortly, but before they do, I have some information to share.”

Aiden motioned for her to continue. Dak leaned forward in his chair, intrigued by the lovely Master’s behavior.

“She is safe. I received a holo call from the Stronghold.”

That sentence made no sense to Dak. He looked to Aiden quizzically. Aiden nodded slowly, relief flooding his features. He stepped forward and grasped Master Syndraa’s hand. “You have made me a very happy man, Master, thank you!”

Master Syndraa grimaced. “Don’t thank me yet. The council doesn’t know where she is, but they know what kind of person took her. They are not going to just let you go to her. You are going to have to be crafty, Aiden.  They will have you watched, you know this.”

Aiden nodded slowly. “You are right, but she is safe and that is all that matters at the moment. I will figure something out.”

Syndraa squeezed Aiden’s shoulder as she walked back toward the doorway. “The large tree in the tainted grove is lovely this time of year.”

With those last words, Syndraa exited the room and disappeared down the corridor.

As the door slid shut, Dak stood to his feet. “The large tree in the tainted grove is lovely this time of year? What the Kark does that mean? What is going on Aiden? Where is Na’sha?”

Aiden pressed a finger against his lips. “Shhhh… Not here. I promise to tell you what is happening, but not till I have all of the details. I have to sneak out tonight, but I will tell you everything when I return.”

A few moments later, another knock sounded at the door. A droid stood on the other side.

“Master Vinolo, the council requests your presence in their chambers at your earliest convenience.”

Aiden nodded. “Tell them I am on my way.”

The droid’s feet clanked lightly against the floor as he ambled down the hallway and headed toward the council chambers. Aiden turned to Dak.

“I don’t think either one of us is going to like what the council has to say to me, but I must go. The more information I have, the better. I will return shortly, tell no one of Syndraa’s visit.”

He swept out of the room, leaving Dak stunned and confused in his wake.

The room was eerily quiet as Aiden stepped inside. The Council members sat in a semi-circle, watching intently as he approached. He bowed low and respectfully to each of them, as he attempted to slow the pounding of his heart. He couldn’t afford to let them know how much Na’sha meant to him or how worried he was.

The Masters all carried a look of grave concern on their wizened features. Aiden couldn’t help but wonder if they already knew of his secret feelings for the force sensitive Mandalorian girl. He hoped he had hidden it well. He also hoped that this audience was not the end of his Jedi career. He took a deep breath as he waited for them to speak.

It was Master Zhar Lestin who broke the silence. “Aiden, we have news that we wish to share with you, concerning the young Mandalorian girl.”

Aiden’s heart threatened to pound out of his chest. “Yes masters, please continue.”

“We sent Jedi Watchman, Master Re’arde, to observe her in her trial. He followed her to the area and watched her discover the way to the shrine.”

Aiden clinched his fist beneath his robe’s concealing sleeves. He should have known they would send a watchman. Watchman were highly trusted Jedi; spies for the council.  No wonder they were so quick with their decision to send her to the trial. He breathed deeply before speaking. “Is my friend alright? What did he see, Master?”

“Master Re’arde stayed close to her, but out of sight, concealing his presence with the Force. At first it seemed promising.  Once inside, however, there was a small avalanche. He saw her fall from the cliff that she had been attempting to scale. He was moderately injured himself, but after the dust and debris settled, he caught sight of your companion.” The Jedi Master paused and looked intently upon Aiden’s features.

Aiden remained silent, a small lump forming in his throat.

Master Lestin continued thoughtfully. “He observed a young woman standing near Na’sha. She carried a lightsaber and was garbed in black attire. She spoke to your companion briefly and was then seen carrying your injured friend away.”

“And who was this mysterious woman, Master?”

That is something that we are not certain of, but Master Re’arde believes her to be a Sith.”

“A Sith? Is he certain?”

Master Lestin nodded. “He said he could feel the darkness within her. The worst part is that Na’sha spoke to the woman calmly, as if she were no threat. We believe that she may be friends with this woman.” Master Lestin looked to the other Masters before speaking. “From what Master Re’arde witnessed we believe it possible that Na’sha was a spy sent here by the Sith to infiltrate our ranks. We believe that she used and deceived you.”

“No, Masters! Na’sha is not a spy or a deceiver! Allow me to prove it to you, let me go and search for her.”

“No. You will not go after her. Her friends must leave immediately and you will not go with them.”

“But what about the artifacts? What about the mission? None of your accusations make any sense!”

“Aiden, we know that you believe Na’sha to be innocent and we sympathize, but for all we know, the mission could have simply been a ruse to gain your help and to allow them access to this enclave.  Our decision is final.”

Aiden gritted his teeth. “Masters, with all due respect, if we suspect everyone and trust no one, what kind of Jedi will we become? She is neither a Sith nor a spy. I know this woman. She is an ally and my friend. She cares about people and wants to help others. You felt the force flowing through her. She needs us, needs our help with her mission and needs our disciplined training. If you would just let me bring her back, you would see for yourselves.”

“That is quite enough, Master Vinolo! We have watched you two interact with one another the last few days and what we see is unhealthy. As a Jedi, your mind must be clear; focused. This woman is a threat to your clarity and to your judgment. The subject is closed.”

Aiden bowed to the council and turned swiftly toward the exit. He needed to get out of that room before he exploded! He hurried down the corridor and out into the open air of the gardens. He let out a sigh of frustration.  They didn’t understand, they would never understand!

He ran a hand over his eyes and breathed deeply. Feelings, emotions, should be held in check to a point. In battle, one’s mind must clear and focused on the task, not allowing personal feelings to intervene. That was something that he agreed with, but he would never agree that emotion and attachment of any kind was wrong or that they path to the darkside! Having someone to care for only makes your will stronger; gives you a reason to fight. True, the Jedi are all about helping others and about selflessness, but having a partner, sharing your heart, doesn’t make you a bad or selfish person, it doesn’t make you evil. It only makes you want to protect the galaxy more and make it a better place for the one you love. It gives you a reason to carry on. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his frustration. If he let his emotions get the better of him, he would only be proving the Council right. That was the last thing he wanted to do.

He gazed out over the garden wall, barely noticing the beauty of the evening. All he could think about was his little cyar’ika. He consoled himself with the fact that he knew where she was. He knew that if she was injured, she would be taken care of. He slowly constructed a plan in his mind. Tonight, he would go to the garden. There, he would get all the facts straight, set his mind at ease and by tomorrow night, Dak and Shorcuk would be on their way to join Na’sha at the Stronghold.  He frowned. It made him feel better knowing that her crew would be able to see her, but how was he going to get to her? The Council would be watching his every move. He couldn’t risk them finding her location, for more than one reason, but he also knew that he had to go to her.

As he turned toward his chambers, his whispered plea carried on the evening breeze. “I will come for you cyar’ika, I promise.”



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A Surprising Detour part 2

I sat at the table, staring in disbelief at the Sith lord. Aiden’s brother! Saragus leaned back in his chair, a twinkle in his deep, dark eyes.

“Come now my darling, surely it is not so hard to fathom? Actually, I have always fancied that he favors me in looks at least a little; do you not think so?”

I did indeed see the resemblance. They looked very much alike in features, but Saragus had a much deeper, more refined appearance. I averted my gaze as I spoke, not liking how uncomfortable his stare made me feel.

“Yes, my lord, there is a striking resemblance.”

“And yet, that similarity does nothing to calm your nerves. You are afraid of me. Believe me child, I mean you no harm. If I wanted you dead, you would never have made it out of that cave.”

I took a bite of the meal placed before me. “I thought Aiden had no family. Why would he not mention you?”

“Would you mention me, my dear? How do you think the Jedi would treat him if they knew? I can say with all certainty that they would never trust him if they found out his true roots.”

I wondered exactly what he meant by “true roots”. Was Aiden once a Sith? I wanted to ask, but I sensed that now was not the time. Perhaps he would tell me later, or maybe he thought Aiden should be the one to explain.

“I guess that I can understand that, but he should have known that he can trust me.” I frowned over my glass of wine.

“It was more for your safety than his, that you remain oblivious, my dear.”

I guess I understood the reasoning behind it, but it still stung that Aiden had hidden something so important. It was something I would have to discuss with him one day, soon.

“How long will I be staying here?”

“Not long, I assure you. I have contacted my friend at the enclave on Dantooine and your friends will be here in a few days. Until then, I suggest that you get your rest and enjoy the slight reprieve; take in the view. It will also give us time to get to know one another better.”

“A friend, at the enclave? I don’t understand.”

Saragus smiled. “Not all Jedi think as the council does. Not all of them are narrow-minded. I can only hope that you will open your mind and embrace the friendship I offer.”

“You know, my Lord, the Jedi are expecting me to return. They will be searching for me.”

“Ah, yes, about that…” He pushed back his chair and rose, motioning for me to follow. I pushed my seat away from the table and walked slightly behind him, as he led me into a small sitting chamber and offered me a seat near the fire.

“Whether or not you knew this, you were followed to your task. The Jedi council sent a knight to observe you. It was his job to spy and then return to them with a report of your conduct. I am afraid that he saw you leave with my apprentice. By now, he will have informed the council and you will have been branded as an ally of the Sith.

I was dumbfounded! “What? You can’t be serious! Surely they could see that I was injured and that your companion took me without my consent.”

“Without your consent?” I turned as Nuala walked into the room, a slight frown on her delicate features. “That pompous Jedi was right there, in the cave with you when you fell and didn’t lift a finger to help you. Would you truly have rather stayed there with him? You would have been buried alive!” She stopped before me, placing her hands on her shapely hips, her emerald eyes narrowed.

“Fionnuala, calm yourself. Na’sha does not know our entire story and cannot be blamed for her ignorance. She only knows the poison that the Jedi spread.”

Saragus walked over and placed an arm, lovingly around the red haired Sith’s shoulder, in an attempt to quell her frustration. He looked at me for a moment.

“Na’sha, I sense that you can be trusted and if you are to help us, you must be told the full story. What is said here, in this room, must stay here. There would be dangerous consequences for us all, if what I am about to tell you is leaked. Can you keep a secret for me?”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know this man better and yet there was something about him that drew me in; something that made me feel safe. I could tell that whatever he was about to say was true and important. I also knew that no matter my feelings, this was Aiden’s brother. Aiden had not betrayed him or his existence and neither would I.

Saragus stared at me for a moment, as if gauging my thoughts. “I don’t think you two have been properly introduced. Nuala, as you know, this is Na’sha; Na’sha, this is Fionnuala, affectionately known as Nuala. She is my older sister.”

Sister? Aiden has a sister too? I wiped a hand over my eyes. “I don’t understand. If she is your sister, why did she say her last name was O’Shae? Why hide it?”

“O’Shae was our mother’s maiden name. We use it occasionaly when we need to go under cover. Nuala is not my apprentice that too is a ruse. In reality, she is a high ranking Sith on the run. The ruling council of the Sith would love to know of her whereabouts, so we keep her hidden and she pretends to be my apprentice. She knows things and the other Sith would see her destroyed before they would let their secrets be revealed.”

Saragus smiled at Nuala and kissed her on the forehead. She is the Matriarch of our family and my only sister. I would move heaven and earth to keep her safe.”

I could see the sincerity in his eyes. This was a man who loved his family. In that moment, my views of the Sith began to change. He had shared his secret with me, without really knowing me. He put his trust in me. There were so many things I didn’t understand. I had questions. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and I had no clue what the future held for me, for Aiden or my mission, but one thing was for certain, somehow I was meant to be here. I could feel it.

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A Surprising Detour part 1

I awoke to soft, warm surroundings.  I stretched and yawned, trying to remember what had happened. It all came flooding back to me; the cave, the fall, the Sith!  I sat up and looked around. Where was I ?  What had that witch done to me?

 I was in a bedroom. There was no windows and only one door. The bed clothes were very decorative; golden knots woven through crimson and purple. Pictures of mountains adorned the walls.  My gear, little as it was, was placed neatly near the only piece of furniture other than the bed; a small, elegant dresser. I glanced at the door, wondering if it was locked. As I did so, it slid open to reveal a small green Twi’lek. She was dressed in a plain but lovely, red robe, tied with a purple sash. She kept her eyes lowered as she entered the room, the door sliding shut behind her. She held a folded pile of material in her hands. 

“Good morning, my lady.  The Master sent these clothes for you to wear. He requests your presence as soon as you are dressed.

I stretched slightly and immediately realized that I was naked. I pulled the covers tighter around me.

“Where are the clothes I arrived in?”

“They were damaged. They were properly disposed of.”

“I see. Who undressed me?”. The thought of just any person handling my naked and unconscious body was more than unnerving.

“I did, Mistress. I was very careful.” The girl kept her head down, sounding slightly embarrassed. “Please, do not keep the master waiting.”

“Who is your master?”

“You will meet him soon enough. Please come out into the corridor when you are ready.”

With that, the Twi’lek bowed and stepped out of the room. 

I stood and walked over to the clothing that she had left for me. The robes were similar to the Padawan robes I already wore, but deep crimson, trimmed in gold.  I reached for the clothes and noticed the smell coming from mine.  Phew! No wonder they sent me clothes;I smell damp and molded!”

I quickly changed into the robes and made my way to the hallway. The twi’lek from earlier was waiting for me.  

“What is your name?”

“Ka’leiah”. She turned and started off at a brisk pace. “This way please.”

As we walked down the hall, I took in my surroundings. The walls were covered with ornate tapestries depicting scenes from long ago. The floors were polished to a brilliant shine. Every so often, a lush carpet broke up the pattern on the floor, adding even more to the oppulence of the corridor. Well dressed servants flitted past and and an occasional maintenance droid could be seen going about its daily business. We took several twists and turns. I made several failed attempts to make conversation with the seemingly nice Twi’lek girl. She didn’t seem to be nervous, only very deciplined and determined to do nothing more than her master had requested.

Our walk ended rather abruptly at a large set of golden doors, flanked by large men in crimson robes. Each had a long ornamental spear which they held at an angle, one guard’s spear crossing the spear of the other. The spears formed a silent challenge to any that should dare to intrude. I found myself slightly in awe of my situation and I couldn’t help but wonder what lay on the other side of these large, cold doors. Who was this “Master”?

The guards shifted position at our approach, their spears lifting to their sides and their bodies becoming even more straight in their stance. The sounds of their movments echoed in the otherwise silent entrance way. The doors opened to reveal a brightly lit dining area. A servant leaned low over a long golden table, carefully placing platters of food. A wide window covered the left side of the room. A tall man in perfectly taylored robes stood gazing out, hands folded behind his back.

Ka’leiah ushered me inside and over to the window. She bowed low. ” My lord, here is the mistress as you requested.”
With that she rose slightly and backed out of the room.

I was left alone with the man. Sunlight streamed in the window, lighting up the room and bathing the man’s outline in a soft glow. He seemed serene. His broad shoulders and dark hair seemed almost familiar to me.

“You will never get away with kidnapping me, you know. My friends will find me.”

“Kidnapping you? I prefer to call it rescuing you.”

His voice was deep and smooth.

“You could have been hurt or killed had my apprentice not slowed your fall.”

“Who are you? What do you want with me?”

“I have a job for you, little bounty hunter. A job that will surely be of interest to you and will certainly be beneficial to us both.”

“I don’t work for the Sith.”

“I am not just any Sith, my darling, as you will soon discover. But enough of business for now, come, let us dine; you must be famished.”

He turned toward me then and I found myself staring into a pair of deep brown eyes. His eyes matched his hair in darkness and his skin was golden tan. He was every bit the tall, dark, handsome stranger! I cleared my throat and tried not to stare. He took two steps toward me and pushed away a strand of hair that had fallen across my face.

“I mean you no harm.” He tilted my face toward him and gave me a heart stopping smile. ” I doubt Aiden would appreciate it.”

My breath caught at the mention of Aiden’s name.

“You know Aiden?”

“Indeed and I must say, I am very disappointed! His description of your beauty pales in comparision to the vision of loveliness you are in person.” He flashed another smile.

I forced myself to look away from the beautiful Sith. A man with his looks, voice and eloquent ways could capture the galaxy without so much as lifting a finger. I had to be careful not to fall under his spell, besides, Aiden would kill me!

He led me to a chair and then sat down at the head of the table.

“You still haven’t answered me. How do you know about me, about Aiden; who are you? ”

The Sith lord took a bite of food from his plate and chewed it slowly before answering.

“Forgive my rudeness, I am Lord Saragus Vinolo; Aiden is my brother.”

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Dantooine part 14

The cavern wall loomed before me in the dim lamp light, issuing it’s silent challenge.  There had to be another path, maybe I had missed something in the darkness.  I re-adjusted my still damp robes and tried to decide my next move.

Beep, Beep, Beep!  My personal holo communicator sounded unusually loud in the silence.

“Hello.”  I pushed the button. A small holo appeared.

“Dak, is something wrong?”

“No. I just wanted to see how things were going for you. Did I call at a bad time?”

I looked at the wall and back to Dak. “I have hit a wall.”

“Well, don’t worry, even though the Jedi didn’t give you much info, you will figure it out.”

“No, Dak, I mean I have literally hit a wall.”

“Oh. I see.”

“Yeah, I thought that everything was going great, now I don’t know what to do.”

“Back track.”

“No good.  This is the way. I don’t know how to explain it, it just feels right.”

“Want me to come blow a nice big hole in it for you?”

“Ha ha!  That would be super, but I have to do this alone and without explosives; come to think of it, you shouldn’t even be calling me. I don’t want to get in trouble with the council.”

“I am alone in my room, they don’t seem the types to bug a place. I am just worried about you, we all are.”

“Well there is nothing to worry about. I am fine and I am going to get this done. This isn’t my first mission or anything, I was on my own a long time before I met you, Vod.”

“True, but now that you have me and the others, there is no need for you to be alone.”

I couldn’t help but smile. ” I know, but just this once I need to. I have something to prove, not only to the Jedi, but to myself, now let me get back to it.”

“Ok, but if you aren’t back soon, we are coming for you.”

“I will be back before you know it.”

“Take care.”

“I will.”

With the communicator put away, I slowly backed away from the wall.  I sat down in the dirt and crossed my legs, attempting to clear my mind like Aiden had taught me, maybe then I could get past this.
I concentrated on the stones before me. I closed my eyes and reached out to them…nothing! Kark! Why did the Jedi send me here knowing that I am new to this Force thing? Padawans have the advantage of learning at an early age; I have no advantage!
I opened my eyes and studied the wall. Though the wall was solid, one area in particular seemed rougher. The rocks were large in shape and jutted out.  I closed my eyes once again and visualized the stones. Aiden had once told me that you can do anything with the Force, it is limitless.

I pictured each rock moving and sliding to the side. At first, nothing happened, but as I continued to give myself over to the Force, I heard the cracking, as the rock wall began to shake and separate. I tried to keep my mind focused. I was afraid that if I opened my eyes, the spell would be broken and the rocks would cease to move. I raised my hands together before me and gently, evenly, pushed them apart. the rocks fully separated and as I peeked from beneath my eyelids, I could see the once hidden tunnel before me.
“Ok. Now we are getting somewhere!”

I stood and walked through the door sized hole in the wall and into another tunnel.  I felt a breeze blow against my skin. There must be an opening up ahead. After a short walk, the breeze became stronger. I hurried toward the tunnel’s end. A faint light was peeping through the tunnels opening.  Daylight?  Had I been trying to get past the wall for that long? It had seemed like such a short time. I inched toward the hole and gazed out. I looked up and saw that it was really large room. The light was coming from some large glowing rocks growing from the ceiling, not from the sun. I glanced down, but couldn’t tell how far it was to the bottom. I dropped a stone and listened. I finally heard it hit the bottom with a thud. Ok, that was a long way down!

I wasn’t allowed to have any of my old gear and it was a shame; a jet pack would have been handy right about now. I heaved a sigh and hooked the glow lamp to my belt. The only way to get to where I was headed was to climb. Now, I am not a fan of climbing, they made jet packs, turbo lifts and even stairs to keep us from having to do that. As I turned and eased myself over the precipice, I slipped and squeezed my eyes shut as the overly loud sound of scattering rock filled the silence.  Yep, stairs would have been really handy.

Finding a foothold in dark,unfamiliar surroundings is no picnic. I inched along for what felt like hours down the ledge, feeling out the cracks and stones before placing my full weight.  Just as I thought I was getting the hang of it, I heard a rumble and felt the rocks beneath and above me begin to shake!  The ledge I was on gave way and I was falling!

I screamed as I hurtled through the darkness, prepared to meet the maker at any moment.  Suddenly, my body stopped, suspended in mid air! I slowly began to drift downward. I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. I opened my eyes as I was gently set upon the surface of the cavern floor.  A woman in lavender robes stood before me.  Her hair was red, not like my own dull red, but a bright deep red, like the paint job on a shiny new speeder.  Her deep emerald eyes stared at me from the glow lamp she carried.

“Good thing for that small rumble or I may have had to wait down here for you all night.”

“You were waiting for me?” I managed to find my voice.


“Who are you?”

“Apprentice Nuala O’Shae.”

My eyes widened in the dim light. “You are sith!  I am not going anywhere with you!” I jumped to my feet, prepared to do battle.

“Tsk,Tsk. Now is that any way to treat the girl who just saved your life? I thought Jedi were about peace.”

“What do you want Sith?”

“I have orders to take you to my master, he has need of you.”

“I am not going anywhere with you.”  I took a few steps away as I spoke. I was new to this Jedi stuff and with no armor or anything I was use to for that matter, I was no match for a Sith.  True, she saved me, but for what purpose?  Was she in league with Sinka?

“How did you find me? How do you even know who I am?”

“I have been trailing you for weeks , waiting to get you alone. How I know of you is not for me to say, it is my master you should speak to, now come! I won’t ask nicely again.”

“No. I won’t go.”

The red haired woman sighed. “I told him you would say that.” She reached out her hand and waved it slightly. “Sleep.”

The world went dark.

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