Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/10/2010

Smuggler’s moon part 1

Nar Shaddaa, better known as the Smuggler’s moon or the Vertical city. Not a friendly place. I have been here more times than I care to count, and each time I dislike it more, but I go where the money is.  The entire planet is crime filled, corrupt and that makes it hard to find what you are looking for.  A tip, from a smuggler who owed me a favor, led me to Needor’s cantina tonight, a popular nighttime haunt in the lower city. I brought Vel and the HK with me. If a fight broke out, we could do some damage between the three of us.
The music was loud and the crowd was rowdy. The room was overflowing with scantily clad women and slobbering, staggering drunks. I always hated walking into a place like this. The mando in me loved the chaos, excitement and possibility of danger. The woman in me found it obnoxious.
I left the HK out front as a lookout, while Vel and I made our way through the writhing crowd. I spotted a vacant table in the back and quickly maneuvered my way towards it, carefully plotting out my strategy and mapping out the exits in my mind. (Never go into a situation without having a definite way out).
As we reached our table, a young voluptuous twi’lek approached us.
“What can I get for you tonight”, She asked, winking seductively at Vel.
He winked back at her and smiled. I rolled my eyes at him and ordered a drink. As she moved from our table, I began to take in my surroundings. No time for playing around tonight, I was looking for someone.
I hated taking off my helmet in public. It made me feel more vulnerable, and a little bit uneasy.  I would have liked to leave it firmly in place, but I couldn’t exactly drink with it on and the last thing I needed was to draw attention. I carefully removed it and placed it on the table in front of me. I pushed the shoulder length strands of hair out of my face, tucking them firmly behind my ears and adjusted my eyes to my smoky surroundings.
Mere seconds later, a badly dressed patron clumsily staggered toward me.
“Hi there, beautiful, seems to me you are lost, the dancer’s belong on the stage.”
He laughed, nearly causing me to gag at the sickening stench of his foul breath. I could feel the anger rising within me. I had the sudden urgent need to beat him to within an inch of his life, but before I could respond, Vel had taken over the situation. He grabbed the drunk forcefully by the neck.
“Move along friend, you don’t want any trouble with us.”
Luckily the drunk left the table peacefully, this time. Like I said, I really didn’t need to draw attention to myself right now.
I spotted our quarry just as our drinks arrived.  I took a sip, feeling the fiery liquid slide smoothly down the back of my throat. I nodded at Vel, indicating the table where our prey sat, drunkenly oblivious to the fact that he was being observed. This was going to be easy.



  1. I would have liked to know the drink she had.
    I like Na’Sha so far.

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