Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/13/2010

Smuggler’s Moon part 2

His name was Corden Vant, wanted dead or alive, in two systems, for everything from theft to murder. Now there, was a pile of osik if ever I saw one. He had certainly been a hard Ratch to find. It had taken me six months to track him down and now, there he sat across the room from me. I took another sip of my drink and continued to watch his table from the shadows. He was my prize. The bounty on his head would pay for all my ship repairs with credits to spare.
I studied him in silence. There were three rough-looking characters at the table with him, laughing and yelling lewd comments at the dancers on the nearby stage. The waitresses seemed to recognize Corden, so it was safe to say he was probably a regular. If I approached him in the cantina, there could be people who would rally to his side. I didn’t need that. I needed to catch him with a smaller group. There would definitely be a fight, but smaller numbers meant better odds. I didn’t plan on taking him back alive.
I wanted to get a closer look at my target. I informed Vel of my intentions.
“ Be careful Na’sha, if he suspects the slightest hint of trouble he’ll be out of here and we’ll be out of a bounty.”
I smiled slightly at Vel. “ Don’t worry, he’s drunk and I am female. He is not going to feel threatened.”
I slid out of my seat and made my way across the room under the guise of getting something at the bar. The cantina floor was packed with couples swaying to the beat of the bands sultry tones. I glanced in the direction of the stage as I walked. The twi’lek girls swayed their hips seductively, hypnotizing their audience with each move of their scantily clad bodies. Most of them were slaves. I felt sorry for them. Life had dealt them a bad hand. There had been a short time in my life when I was younger, that I was forced to dance on a stage just like that. It was not something I cared to remember, but it was do it or starve.
I shook myself out of my reverie and continued toward the bar. Corden’s table was at my left as I passed between it and the stage. I turned my head in the table’s general direction as I passed. His chair was empty. Kark, where did he go? I hadn’t seen him leave. I reached the bar and waited for the bartender to approach me. I scanned the room looking for any sign of my intended target.
“Hello little lady.”
I turned around to see who had spoken, only to come face to face with Corden Vant. (Osi’kyr!) I knew he didn’t know who I was. I keep a pretty low profile. I do my fair share of hunting, but I try to stay below the radar. I smiled carefully at him.
“Hello yourself.” He smiled at me and leaned against the bar. “ Can I buy you a drink?”
I continued to smile at him, hoping it didn’t look too fake.
I ventured a look in the direction of my table and Vel. His look held a question I didn’t know the answer to…. Now what?


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