Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/15/2010

Smuggler’s Moon part 3

Up close, Corden Vant was one ugly sleemo. He was short and balding with deep scars crisscrossing his squat little head. He appeared to be around fifty standard years in age. As he leaned closer to me , it was all I could do, not to gag at the overwhelming scent of smoke, liquor and bad hygiene. How the kark he thought he could get a woman’s attention was beyond me. Whatever he used to attract them, it definitely wasn’t his appearance or his smell. I hid my disgust for him with another smile.
“ I have never seen you here before, cyar’ika.”
He reached out a hand and touched it to my cheek. (I have never wanted to break off someone’s arm and shove it up their shebs so bad, in all my life!)
“You speak my language, how impressive.” I replied, trying to sound flirtatious.
He seemed to relax even further, as he laughed. “ I have a few other things I would love to impress you with.”
Luckily I managed not to cringe. “ Well, you don’t waste any time do you? We haven’t even been properly introduced.”
He chuckled at that and leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Come back with me to my apartment and we can get to know one another really well, if you catch my drift.”
I so badly needed to take this sick piece of bantha poodoo out, but I knew that maybe, my chances would be better if I got him alone. I played along.
“Well, aren’t we a naughty boy!?! I laughed and pushed him away playfully.
( I could almost imagine Vel’s expressions as he watched my little show from our table. He wasn’t going to be very happy with me.)
“You have yet to see my naughty side, my beautiful little cyar’ika! Come with me. Let’s get out of here.”
He pointed at me and then waved at his friends, who were awaiting his return to their table. They whistled and yelled something unintelligible, but no doubt obscene. I allowed Corden to place his hand at the small of my back, as he led me through the crowds and toward the exit. I nodded to Vel as we passed by, knowing he would follow discreetly behind us. Corden held the door open for me, as we exited the cantina, (obviously hoping it would score him some points with me.)
His apartment turned out to be within walking distance from the cantina. I was relieved, because I really wanted Vel and the HK to be able to get to me as quickly as possible.  Not that I couldn’t handle things myself, but it is always good to have backup near by. The apartment was small, dank and smelled worse than the back-end of a bantha. He opened the door and ushered me inside. The floor was littered with a mountain of debris and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had ever been clean, (definitely not a love nest). The door closed tightly behind us and I heard the distinct sound of the lock closing into place. I turned to look at the man who’s life would soon be ended.
“ Now my dear,” He grinned. “ Where were we?”


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