Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/15/2010

Smuggler’s Moon part 4

Corden stepped close to me and placed his grimy hands on either side of my waist. In the blink of an eye, he had pushed me roughly against the wall, breathing heavily against my cheek.
“Schutta, I know who you are and why you are here! You won’t be collecting any bounty today cyar’ika!”
I felt pressure against my stomach and glanced down to find a small holdout blaster pressing into me. What the kark was going on!? Only my crew and my informant had known of my intentions. That could only mean that someone had betrayed me. Someone I trusted.
My captor laughed as he continued to press me against the wall.
“ I am a lot smarter than you give me credit for, little one. Did you really believe a mere slip of a girl could get the drop on me, a man who has thwarted seasoned bounty hunters far more experienced than you?”
I shifted my gaze to stare directly into his beady black eyes. “Someone told you I was here for you, that much is obvious. You didn’t figure it out on your own.”
His laugh was so loud and unexpected that it startled me. A door to my right opened, at the sound of Corden’s laugh and out stepped two of his thugs. The first one was a rodian. He didn’t look very intelligent, but intelligence is not a requirement in the thug business. He approached us quietly and stopped to stand beside his boss. The other crony was a weequay. Tall and lanky, he looked every bit the pirate. He smiled at me, flashing a golden tooth,as he stopped beside the rodian.
“Well boss, isn’t she a pretty prize! Can I play with her a little before you finish her off? He chuckled and gestured rudely toward me.
“Shut up Kar-dar! This one is mine. She is far too dangerous to play with.”
The weequay mumbled something about never having any fun, as he sauntered over to the corner of the room and seated himself on a broken down chair.
Corden instructed the rodian to search me and remove my weapons. I had remained silent, gazing around the room for escape options. So far, nothing had jumped out at me. I could take them, but without my weapons, it was not going to be easy. They had the upper hand. I couldn’t imagine how the information had been leaked. I had been careful. Someone had stabbed me in the back and that was not going to bode well for them when I found them. (Of course, first I had to get my shebs out of this sticky situation.)
A mandalorian knows better than to enter into a situation without having a plan to get out. My plan had been farkled, so now what? And where the kark was Vel and HK? They should have been busting the door down by now!
The smelly rodian had finished taking all my weapons now and carried them out of my reach. Corden grabbed my arm and roughly twisted it behind my back and he led me toward the door to the room where the thugs had come from.
“Not so talkative now are we my pet?” He sneered, shoving me through the doorway.
“Ni’duraa!” I hissed, turning to spit in his face.
“Why you little…….”
A sudden sound caused him to stop in mid sentence. I couldn’t see what had caused him to turn, but whatever it was, he was nervous. Corden pulled me back out with him as he went to investigate.
“I am not letting you out of my sight, cyar’ika.”
The thugs were frantically grabbing blasters and stacking furniture to barricade themselves behind. I turned my head toward the apartment door. A bright glowing orange circle had appeared in the thick durasteel door. Someone was on the verge of breaking through! What the…. !?………..


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