Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/16/2010

Smuggler’s Moon part 5

My captors were getting antsy. Whoever was on the other side of that door, was almost through. The thugs had no other way out, and they knew it.
“I see you brought backup, my pet. No matter, they will not be rescuing you. They will be leaving here in a….!?!
Before Corden could finish his sentence, there was a loud noise and a large chunk of the door went flying through the air, slamming into the Rodian, who was aiming his blaster bolts at the unknown intruder. He hadn’t stood a chance, the force and weight of the durasteel flattened him like a bug. Corden dove behind the barricade with me clutched tightly to his side. The Weequay, Kar-dar, was tightly wedged into a corner of the barricade, firing off blaster bolts, only to have them returned to him. “Fierfek!” He yelled, as he fell backward against the wall clutching his side.
“It is a Jedi!”
With those last words, Kar-dar died.
Before that information could fully sink in, the barricade lifted from in front of us and was flung carelessly to the opposite side of the room.
“Let the lady go!”
I could feel the fear course through Corden’s veins as my rescuer spoke. I looked up at the sound of the voice, so full of authority, so sure of himself and the outcome. The room was cast in shadows, making it impossible to discern any details of my rescurer’s face. All I could see and hear was the distinct hum and the glowing blue blade of a lightsaber.
Corden chose this moment to speak.
“ What do you want with me, Jedi? This Mandalorian Schutta is mine, this is of no consequence to you.”  The Jedi laughed. “I have made it of consequence to me, now I repeat, let the lady go.”
Corden, defiant to the end, pulled me tighter to him and placed a blaster to the side of my head.
“You may kill me, Jedi, but I am taking her with me!”
Before I could suck in a breath of air, my rescuer had leapt the remaining distance between us. Everything after that was a blur of motion. Corden’s grip released me and I was free. The Jedi had cut Corden’s head from his body with such swiftness, such precision, I wasn’t even singed!
The Jedi extinguished his lightsaber, and clipped it to his belt, reaching a hand toward me. I took his hand and he helped me to my feet. As I raised my head, I saw his face for the first time.
“Hello, love! It has been awhile.”
I felt my heart flip over in my chest as he spoke, flashing a devastating smile at me.
“Adien, what are you doing here?” I asked, putting a little distance between us I spoke.
He grinned.“ I felt your presence when you landed and knowing you like I do, I realized that trouble wouldn’t be far behind. So, here I am. Happy to see me?”
I was happy to see him, not that I would ever say so. Instead I reached over and began to retrieve my weapons. He handed me my blaster.
“I am in debt to you Aiden, thank you for your assistance.”
I walked around him. I heard a sigh escape him.
“Stop being so formal, Na’sha, we know each other too well for that, I would think. Besides, you owe me nothing. I’d say we should be even now.”
He was right we were even and we did know each other too well for formalities. I smiled. I silently walked over to the disembodied head of Corden Vant and picked it up. After all that had just transpired, there was no way I was going to leave empty-handed. His head and the bounty was still going to be mine.
“Don’t worry Aiden you will have the largest share of the credits.”
I could feel my Jedi rescuer shake his head behind me.
“You know as well as I do, that it is not your money I want, my sweet.”
I brushed past him, prize in hand.
“We will have to discuss all of this later.”
As I stepped through the perfectly cut hole in the door, I heard him say from behind me, “You won’t always be able to avoid me, love.”
I knew what he said to me was true, I wouldn’t be able to avoid him forever, or my feelings either. The day would come when I would have to face both, but not today. My crew was missing and I needed to find out why.


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