Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/18/2010

Smuggler’s Moon part 6

I stepped out of the apartment building and made my way back toward the cantina, with my Jedi companion at my side. I saw no sign of my crew members and no sign of a struggle. I knew that Corden had been with a few of his cohorts in the bar, maybe they had caused my crew to be delayed. I truly hoped that was all there was to it.
It was really late and the cantina was packed, even more than when I had left it earlier. Aiden and I made our way toward the bartender to ask a few questions. As we passed by the table I had recently occupied,I saw that  it was empty. I reached the bar and waved to the bartender.
“What will you have to drink,” he asked.
“I would like to know if you remember seeing me and my a friend of mine earlier tonight. We were over in the corner there.” I pointed at the corner table where we sat.
“Yeah, I noticed you. You want to know what happened to the big mandalorian fellow with you?” “ Yes.” I answered. (guess we had stuck out more than I had thought).
“He left just after you did. I saw him come over and talk to those thugs your other friend was with.”
I thanked him and turned to Aiden.
“Why would Vel talk to Corden’s friends? Something doesn’t feel right about this.”
We walked back through the cantina’s noisy patrons and out the front door. As we passed a trash compactor, I caught a glimpse of something metal. ( My helmet!) I walked over and retrieved it. I turned to speak to Aiden.
“ I left this with Vel when I went with Corden. He was supposed to bring it to me when he came to the apartment.”
Why would it be in the garbage?( Lesson learned, I would never leave it unattended again). Aiden looked thoughtful.
“I don’t like the looks of this Na’sha. Something isn’t adding up.”
I was beginning to get worried. “You are right, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Let’s get to my ship and check on the rest of my crew.”
I made my way to the landing bay. As we walked, I wondered what the kark was going on. No, way Vel could have had anything to do with my capture! I had plucked him out of a bad situation and gave him a better existence. We had been together for a long time now. No, way he’d betray me! But, if he hadn’t betrayed me, what happened?
Aiden was silent beside me and I was glad. I had too much on my mind to deal with him right now. There was a lot of history between us and for now it needed to stay just that, history. As we reached our destination, my heart sank. My ship and my crew, everything that I knew and loved, was gone!
“Now what?” I asked.
“Let’s ask some of the workers if they saw anything.”
He walked around and politely asked everyone he saw if they had seen my ship leave. After a few minutes he returned to where he had left me standing.
“A mandalorian man entered your ship and took off, just about the time you were in the apartment building.”
I didn’t know what to say. Vel had left me behind. He took my droids, Sinka and my ship and just left me to die! The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I didn’t want to believe it, but everything added up to the same conclusion.
“Well, looks like I am stranded.” I said.(Trying to sound like it was ok.)
Aiden put a hand on my arm. “It just so happens, I have a ship.”


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