Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/20/2010

Smuggler’s moon part 7

I looked up at the Jedi whose hand was on my arm.
“Why would you help me?”
Aiden looked thoughtfully at me, as we turned and began to walk out of the landing bay.
“ Why wouldn’t I help you, Na’sha?”  
I thought of all that he and I had been through together.
“Aiden, you and I didn’t exactly part on good terms, the last time we were together. You are the last person I would expect help from.” 
He sighed. “ I will always be here for you.”
I frowned. “ What about the Jedi order? Surely they aren’t going to let you just follow me around the galaxy, chasing my ship?”
Aiden laughed. “ It just so happens that I am between missions at the moment and besides, I can take a few vacation days. Na’sha, there isn’t much we can do tonight. We are both tired. I have a room nearby, come with me and rest. Tomorrow we will form a plan.”
The last thing I needed was to spend the rest of the night alone, in a room with Aiden, but what choice did I have. We made our way to his room in silence. It gave me a chance to mull over all that had transpired in the last few hours. I should have sensed trouble, but I had somehow missed the signs. I retraced the last few months in my mind. There hadn’t been one inkling of mistrust or ill feelings. Vel had hidden his intentions well. In my line of work, you can’t afford mistakes. I had learned a valuable lesson from my excursions today, never put too much trust in anyone, well except for Aiden. He has never let me down.
I was pulled from my thoughts, at Aiden’s exclamation that we had arrived at his room. He opened the door for me and I slid past him. It was a nice room; small, but sufficient. Only one problem… there was only one bed. Aiden obviously sensed my sudden alarm.
”Relax! It is not as if you and I have never shared a bed.” You know as well as I do, I won’t force anything on you. I am not sleeping on the floor and neither are you, I think we can both be adult about this.”
He was right. We had shared a bed, on more than one occasion. I just wasn’t so sure I could be “adult” about it. We both knew how the other felt and it certainly made things awkward . I sat down on the edge of the bed. As I did, the tiredness really began to hit me. I leaned back against the pillows.
“You can’t possibally sleep in that armor. Get comfortable.”
I looked at Aiden as he spoke. He had begun to discard his clothes. I turned my face in the other direction.
“Na’sha, get out of that armor. Don’t make me come take it off of you myself. Stop being such a stubborn Mandalorian! It is not as if we have never seen each other naked.”
He was so bossy, but he was right, again. I could sleep in my armor if I wanted to and be fine, but I needed rest and armor is restrictive. I stood and turned my back to Aiden. I took off my armor quickly and slid beneath the covers, tucking a weapon beneath my pillow just in case. I heard him chuckle as he lay down beside me. I closed my eyes and waited patiently, until I heard the even sound of his breathing, as he drifted into sleep. This was going to be a long night!


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