Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/24/2010

The search begins

I don’t know how long it took me to finally fall asleep. I guess my tiredness out weighed my awkwardness at being near Aiden again. I felt a heaviness across my midsection and a whisper of breath at the nape of my neck. (That woke me up). I would have loved to roll over and ….. I really didn’t need to go there. Aiden was trouble that my heart didn’t need. We were too different and had too much history. I slid out of his grasp and across the bed, grabbing my armor and heading for the refresher.
I was eager to start looking for my crew. They had a good head start and I had no idea where they went. I finished dressing and walked back into the room. Aiden was already dressed as well,(thank goodness). He looked at me as I walked over to retrieve my weapon from beneath the pillow.
“Good morning. How did you sleep?”
I shrugged. “Ok, I guess, and you?”
I slept really well, thanks.” He replied, smiling at me. “ Ready to go find your ship?”
I slid my helmet into place as I replied, “I am more than ready.”
We made our way back to the landing bay. I needed to see my ship’s last hyperspace coordinates. That required getting into a restricted area and hacking the landing bay control computer. Normally, that would require more of a plan, but not today, because today, I had a Jedi with me.
We reached the landing bay and made our way to the control room. There was a guard outside the entrance to the area. Aiden walked over to the guard and smiled, waving a hand before the guard’s face.
“We need access to this area, you will let us pass.”
I saw the guard nod and smile, as he opened the door and ushered us inside. (Sometimes that Jedi stuff had its uses.)
We didn’t encounter any other guards as we reached the control room. I pressed the button on the wall and the door slid open. Aiden and I entered the room and headed to the control computer. I was pretty good with hacking, but Aiden was better, so I let him do his thing. In a matter of seconds, he was in their system and pulling up the information we needed.
“It seems your crew and ship are headed for Kashyyyk.”
I was surprised to hear Aiden say that. What was it that Vel was after? Slaves? That didn’t seem his style, but then again, I had already been wrong about him.
“Well, I guess we had better get started.”
We turned and walked back out of the control room. We passed out of the hallway and back into the main area where Aiden had mind tricked the guard. Just as we slid past, I saw the control room operator return and make his way to the room that we had just vacated. It wasn’t every day that I could sneak in and out of a place that easily, but it also wasn’t every day that I was traveling with a Jedi.
The more quickly we could get to my ship and get this straightened out, the more quickly Aiden could be on his way. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him, it was just that there was so much history between us and it made me uncomfortable. We made our way to the landing bay area that contained Aiden’s ship. I was surprised at the sight of it. She was a light Republic military transport, heavily modified with military grade shield generators and top mounted blaster turrets. She was beautiful!! Aiden must have sensed my admiration of his ship.
“She is quite an eye full isn’t she?”
I could only nod. I was still taking in the sight of her. She really made my little clunker look bad! despite my current situation, I was really looking forward to the ride to Kashyyyk, I turned to Aiden just in time to see him smile in my direction.
“Come on, let’s go get your ship.”



  1. I wonder if she still has the head of Corden Vant with her all this time lol

    • Lol! I am sure she turned it in. If I wrote everything she did the story would be really long!

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