Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 10/29/2010

Kashyyyk part 1

We exited hyperspace in the Kashyyyk system, Mytaranor sector. I gazed out the ship’s window at the beautiful planet of Kashyyyk. I had been here once before and only briefly. The Wookiees I had met were suspicious of outsiders and with good reason. Czerka corporation had been trapping and enslaving the Wookiee species for years. People see the Wookiees as over grown animals. My people had been no exception, I on the other hand, knew better.
I took my seat beside Aiden as he brought us into the planet’s atmosphere. It was a lush canopy of forests and jungles. The Wroshyr trees, grew to be kilometers tall and fused themselves together to form perfect perches for the Wookiees to build their homes on. I couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of the landscape. Aiden landed his ship on a landing platform to which he had been directed and we stepped out into the fragrant Kashyyyk air.
It was nighttime. The walkways and bridges of the city were lit with hundreds of flickering lanterns. Several Wookiees eyed us scornfully as we passed. I couldn’t blame them. I was suspicious in nature as well. I knew the best thing to do, was to get us a room for the night. The village had a local inn and I happened to know the Wookiee who owned it. Aiden and I kept quiet as we walked along the slender pathways winding around the tree trunks. People and Wookiees alike, went on with their evening duties and stopped only slightly as we passed.
We entered The Journey’s Inn and I made my way to the front desk.
“I don’t much like the name, sounds too much like journey’s end to me. Think they’re going to kill us?” Aiden whispered as we reached the desk.
I shot him a dirty look and turned my attention to the female Wookiee behind the desk.
“Greetings Mallaorral. Do you remember me?” I asked, smiling at the aged Wookiee. S
he tilted her head and studied me thoughtfully.
“Na’sha, is that you? It has been a long time my friend. What brings you here?”
I lowered my voice as I made my reply. “ I am here looking for someone, a Mandalorian by the name of Vel Shysa. Is he here?”
Mallaorral, shook her head. “ You are the only Mandalorian I have seen in a while my friend, but that does not mean he is not around here somewhere. I heard a Czerka employee talking just yesterday about some new contractors they had hired. Maybe the man you are seeking can be found with them.” I certainly hoped that wasn’t the case, but I didn’t voice that out loud. I thanked her for the information and asked about a room instead.
“I need a couple of rooms if you have any available, Mallaorral.”
Aiden chose this time to chime in, (just when I was getting used to his silence).
“One room will be sufficient for us.”
I turned and shot him a look. I heard Mallaorral chuckle at us.
“ You are in luck Na’sha, I do have one room available.”
Aiden smiled and handed her some credits. (Wonderful, another night in a room with Aiden. I wasn’t sure my nerves could handle many more nights like that.)
We walked through a doorway and up a spiral staircase. At the top, was the door that lead to our sleeping quarters. Aiden opened the door and allowed me to walk in ahead of him. (That’s Aiden, always the gentleman.) The room was small, but sufficient. We didn’t need much room, all we needed was some sleep. I really wished we could have started our search for my ship now, but I knew that I wasn’t going to get any information out of anyone tonight. I would be up and questioning people as soon as it was daylight.
Aiden shook me out of my reverie. “Na’sha, don’t worry, we will find them. I won’t leave you until we do.”
gave him a small smile. “I really appreciate your help. You always seem to be around when I am in trouble.”
Aiden laughed. “Trouble is your middle name, my love. Fate keeps bringing us together. Maybe one day you will realize that.”
I sighed and began to get ready for bed. I didn’t want to realize any such thing. I would avoid it as long as possible.
As I lay down next to Aiden, I couldn’t wait for the morning. I was going to find Vel. He had a head start on me and he may or may not still be here, but I would find him. He was going to pay for leaving me to die and stealing my ship! I closed my eyes and willed the night to pass. Vel had better enjoy his time with my ship, because his time was running out!


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