Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 11/02/2010

Kashyyyk part 2

Morning came. Aiden and I dressed and walked hurriedly downstairs. The Journey’s Inn had a small diner next door and we needed something to eat, so after waving a quick goodbye to Mallaorral we walked out of the inn and into the TreeTop Diner. The diner was owned by a gray and wizened old Wookiee by the name of Dryahab. I stopped to speak to him as we passed by.
“Greetings, Dryahab.”
The Wookiee looked up from his business and tilted his head at me. “Na’sha Tal-i, is that you? It has been a long time, my friend.”
I smiled at him as I spoke. “Indeed, it has been a while old friend.”
He asked me what had brought me back to Kashyyyk and I briefly informed him of my situation.
“Yes, I think I saw the man you are looking for just two days past. He was traveling with a young Lethan Twi’lek. They met here with a Czerka employee. I overheard them say that they would be meeting soon to discuss arrangements. I do not know what they meant or where they were meeting, but I hope this information is helpful to you.”
Indeed it was helpful. It meant that there was a good chance that Vel was still on Kashyyyk, but it also meant that he was up to something. I smiled and reached out, to hand Dryahab a few credits for his assistance.
“No my friend. You do not need to pay me. You have helped me in the past. This is my small attempt to repay you.”
He shook his furry head, pushing my hand and the credits away.
As we walked toward the seating area, Aiden whispered, “What did you do for him on your last visit to cause him to be so helpful?”
I didn’t feel like sharing that story with him at the moment so I simply replied, “Long story, best left in the past.”
The establishment was a lot larger on the inside, than it appeared. We took a seat near the window. The seating was made of parts of the tree, carved intricately and shaped into a round table and benches. Wookiees and humans alike sat together and quietly enjoyed their morning meal. The view from our table was breathtaking! As far as the eye could see, there were rows and rows of treetops and structures. They seemed to go on forever. All the buildings were connected by bridges and walkways and all the trees were intertwined. The foliage was so thick and the trees so large that there was no way to determine how high we were. The floor of the planet was totally engulfed in a dark green canopy. What sky was visible, was foggy and I could see Avian Kroyies flying in and out of the treetops, their colorful plumage brightening up the sky like small rainbows. Our waitress arrived as I continued to enjoy the view. Aiden and I ordered our food.
“Is there something wrong?” Aiden asked as I thoughtfully stared at the lovely scene before me.
“No”, I sighed. “I am just anxious to get out there and find Vel.”
Aiden smiled. “I know you are, my sweet and we will, but not on an empty stomach. When we do catch up to him, we will need our strength.”
The waitress arrived with our meal and I ate quickly, not wanting to waste a second. Vel could be out there right now. I had to look for him. Sinka was with him. She was my responsibility! I rescued her and I practically raised her. I refused to believe that she was part of this plot against me. If she thought I was dead she would go with him willingly just to have a place to stay, to have someone to protect her. I only hoped that he had not hurt her!! He would die a horrible death if he had! Our meal finished, we walked out into the fragrant Kashyyyk city and began our search for my missing crew.


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