Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 11/05/2010

Kashyyyk part 3

I had no idea where Vel was. Kashyyyk was huge and it had been two days since Dryahab had seen him talking to the Czerka employee. I knew my best bet was to keep an open eye and ear to my surroundings and check out the local cantina. Vel loved cantinas and I would be willing to bet that he had been in at least one of them, in the nearby area.
Aiden and I studied the passers-by as we walked along the winding walkways of the tree city. I would have liked to have walked into a Czerka office and asked if Vel was one of their contractors, but I didn’t want word to get back to Vel that I was alive and tracking him down.
We decided to lay low until dark and then check out Tarahab’s cantina. It was close by and I was certain that if Vel had been there, at least one of the waitresses would remember him. Women tend to flock around Vel and he loves it. Besides, I knew a dancer at the cantina.
Aiden and I talked as we strolled, keeping a watchful eye in case we spotted our quarry.
“They could be anywhere by now, Aiden.” I whispered, trying to keep the frustration out of my voice. Aiden shook his head.
“No Na’sha, they are here. I feel it. I am certain that we will find them soon. We must be patient and let the Force guide us.”
I snorted and rolled my eyes. “Since when has the Force ever guided me. I am no Jetii, Aiden.”
Aiden sighed and looked at me thoughtfully. “You have much to learn about the ways of the Force my little Mando. The Force flows through and guides all of us, even stubborn little Mandalorian girls.” I laughed.
“You and your Force just help me find my crew and that will be all the learning and guiding I need.”
I always hated it when Aiden talked about the Force. It allowed him to do some amazing things and I always felt insignificant and helpless when I was around him. Then again, in a way I felt sorry for him. He was bound by so many rules because of his being a Jetii.
Darkness came quickly enough and Aiden and I headed to the cantina. I was on edge as we walked into the smoky entrance. I wanted this to be over with. I wanted my ship back and I already owed Aiden a debt I could never repay. I just wanted my life back. That couldn’t happen until I found Vel.
The cantina was packed with drunken patrons, bodies writhing to the seductive tune of the cantina band.
I tried to keep a low profile as Aiden and I squeezed our way to an empty table. A green colored Twi’lek sashayed up to us and asked for our order. She may have been asking us both, but her eyes were busy eating Aiden alive. I felt a sudden urge to tie her lekku to the table legs and beat the osik out of the space tramp! (Where had that come from?) I pushed my crazy thought as far back in my mind as I could muster.
“ I will have a glass of Cortyg brandy.” I replied to her query, trying to calm my unhealthy heart rate. “Na’sha, are you alright, my sweet,” Aiden asked, a worried expression on his face.
“I am fine.” I replied a little too snappishly.
I turned my attention to the stage. The dancers writhed back and forth to the melody as if in a trance. In the center of the stage, I saw the woman I was looking for; Shar’ae. The only human dancer in the cantina, she was sort of  a novelty. Her long red hair fell in shoulder length waves as she gyrated to the music. She knew everything that went on the cantina. The workers and patrons alike, trusted her. They would tell her if they had seen Vel. I would ask for her help.
The waitress returned with our drinks and I sipped my brandy as I waited patiently for Shar’ae’s dance number to be over. I was on the verge of discovering what Vel was up to, I could feel it.


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