Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 11/06/2010

Kashyyyk part 4

As the dance set ended, I arose from my seat and leaving Aiden behind, made my way through the crowd toward Shar’ae. I took off my helmet, as I approached her,placing it snuggly beneath my left arm, hoping as she exited the stage, she would look up and recognize me. Luckily, she glanced in my direction just as her feet hit the cantina floor. I smiled slightly.
“ Nice dance, Shar’ae.” The scantily clad dancer smiled in return.
“Well, well, I can’t say that I ever thought I would see you again, Na’sha Tal-i. What brings you here?”
She could see from the way I looked around uneasily, that I wanted to talk to her alone. There was a private room in the back of the cantina, for the dancers to freshen up in and Shar’ae motioned me toward it. I cast a glance behind me, toward the table where I had left Aiden. He was watching us intently. He nodded in my direction. I knew that if I needed him, he would be at my side in a moment’s notice. He always had a way of knowing when I was in danger. I returned my attention to following Shar’ae. A Wookiee bouncer stood watch over the dancer’s room doorway. Shar’ae entered and I followed, closing the door behind us.
The dancer’s quarters were somewhat small, but very lavishly decorated. Large pillows and rugs adorned one half of the room while a shimmering rainbow of colored curtains covered the dressing area. Shar’ae seated herself on one of the brightly colored pillows and motioned for me to do the same.
I sat down opposite of Shar’ae, but didn’t relax. I needed to be watchful and becoming too relaxed in certain situations can get you killed. I didn’t think Shar’ae would betray my trust, but then again, I hadn’t thought that Vel would either and look what that got me. We waited, chatting lightly, until all of the remaining dancers were out of the room and on the stage.
As the last dancer exited the dressing room, Shar’ae spoke.
“Now, tell me what brings you here, Na’sha. I would love to say, you had come all this way just to see an old friend, but I know you better than that. What can I do for you?”
I briefly told Shar’ae all that had transpired since she and I last saw one another.
“Wow hun! You really do know how to get yourself into lots of trouble.” She said, laughing slightly.
I nodded. “Well, let’s just hope I know how to get myself out. That is where you come in.”
Shar’ae left me in the dancer’s quarters and quietly walked back out into the cantina. I sat silently, yet impatiently, as I waited for her to return. She had gone to speak to the waitresses and dancers about whether or not they had seen Vel recently. Several minutes had passed by, before she came back. As she walked back into the room, I took a moment to really look at her.
Shar’ae hadn’t changed a lot, in the eight years it had been, since I had last seen her. She wasn’t much older than me, but hard living had given her a much older appearance. Her shoulder length hair shimmered and shone like fire, her body fit and supple. She carried herself with a dignity and grace that one would not expect to find in a cantina slave. Her master knew what a prize he had in her, so he treated her well. I was glad. I would hate to see someone as beautiful and intelligent as she was, being mistreated. She re-seated herself across from me, smiling slightly.
“I think I may have the information you are looking for!”


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