Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 12/24/2010

Kashyyyk part 8

All of my anger threatened to boil to the surface, as I watched Vel walk confidently into the clearing. I was close enough to the Wookiee, to hear the heavy sound of his breathing, as he gauged his enemy from a distance. Vel, a blaster carbine held at the ready, walked purposefully toward his target. I could feel Aiden lingering in the shadows. I appreciated the fact that he was waiting to see if I would need him, before barging in. Just as Vel walked in close enough that I could see his facial features;the man detested wearing a helmet, I darted out of the shadows and placed myself firmly between him and the cornered Wookiee.
Vel stopped in his tracks. His eyes widened and in his shock, he took a small step backwards.
“What’s the matter vod, see a ghost?”
I held my ground, blaster pistols leveled at his chest.
“It … can’t…be? You should be dead!” His words sounded shaky even at a distance.
“So sorry to disappoint you.”
“Well, I guess I will just have to finish you myself!” He fired off a shot as he spoke.
I reacted quickly, dodging the blaster bolt, rolling to the right and coming up on one knee, returning fire. Vel raced across the ground, ducking behind a tree. There was a pause in the blaster fire. I moved to take cover behind a large stone that lay along the edge of the clearing, closest to the Wookiee.
Keeping my blasters leveled in the general direction of the place that I had seen Vel take cover, I called out.
“You betrayed me. I trusted you! Come out and face me like a true Mandalorian!”
My answer was a blaster bolt, ripping into the edge of stone I hid behind. So be it, no more negotiating.
I am not sure how, but I sensed Aiden’s anxiousness and felt his movements, as he edged his way closer to Vel. The Wookiee stayed out of the way, obviously sensing that we were on his side. I hoped he would have the strength to get out of there fast if the need arose.
I listened to the forest and glanced around, wondering why Vel wasn’t shooting at me. What was he waiting for? I eased out from behind the rock, staying hidden behind the thick foliage on the fringes of the clearing. I tried to keep an eye on Vel, while making sure I wasn’t going to get taken out, from behind, by one of his cohorts,. As I made my way closer to Vel’s location, his voice rang out in the silence.
“Na’sha, I am tired of this game, let us face each other as true warriors. I am coming out.”
I watched him slowly emerge from the thick undergrowth, his weapon slung across him. I arose from my hiding place and moved slowly, cautiously, toward the center of the clearing. I knew what he wanted. He wanted this up close and personal. I pulled out my vibroblade, crouched low readying myself for a fight to the death.
We stood mere feet from one another, Starring at each other intently. I watched his movements carefully. Vel and I practiced together often. We knew each others style, each others strengths, and weaknesses. Sometimes he won the match, sometimes I did. Today, it had to be me!
Aiden chose this moment to appear from the shadows just to Vel’s left.
“Well, well, what do we have here? Now I see how you survived, Na’sha. Your Jedi lover rescued you. How sweet.”
“Ne’johaa, Vel! Leave him out of this.”
I glanced at Aiden, hoping he would take the hint and let me handle this. Some battles, you just have to fight for yourself.
“Is he going to fight for you Vod’ika? Is he your champion?”
I wasn’t going to let Vel goad me into becoming so angry that I couldn’t focus.
“No “Vod”, I fight my own battles. You are the one who has others do your dirty work for you. Just so you know, I would have done anything for you. I considered you family and you betrayed me.”
I flicked my wrist, moving my vibroblade in small circular motions, the sound cut through the air, emphasizing my words.
“Let’s get this over with.”



  1. Oh, i was expecting a twist here, but Vel actually did betray her!

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