Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 12/24/2010

Kashyyyk part 9

Vel rushed forward, yelling, as he swung his blade at me . Metal hit Metal as our vibroblades collided. He came at me again, with speed and ferocity, growling as I blocked his blade and forcefully pushed him backward. He tripped as I pushed him, falling to the ground. I came at him blade raised high to strike. He thrust out both legs, catching me in the stomach and sending me to the ground. I quickly regained my footing and crouched, ready for retaliation. It didn’t seem like he was fighting with all he had. Why was he playing with me? It just wasn’t like him. He looked at me and for a moment, I could have sworn that I saw regret in his eyes.
Vel ran at me, swinging wildly. He was so swift that he seemed to be everywhere at once. It took all my strength just to stay in the fight. Just as I was beginning to wonder how long I was going to hold out, I saw an opening. In what felt like slow motion to me, I saw myself thrust my blade in his direction and slice into his upper left arm. Vel’s eyes widened slightly, as if shocked that I had gotten in a hit. He stumbled backward slightly, giving me room to push into him, sending his blade flying to the side, as his body fell to the ground. I wasted no time, pinning him down with my body, my vibroblade grazing the skin of his neck.
“It is over Vel. You have lost. Your life is mine.”
I eased myself up as Aiden came behind Vel. He lifted him up onto his feet. He took a step back, hand on his lightsaber. Vel eyed Aiden’s movements. He wisely chose to remain still.
“I could kill you right where you stand and be justified.” I whispered, looking at the man I had once called friend. “I still may kill you, but first, I want to know why… Why did you throw away our friendship? I gave you a job and called you brother, just tell me why you left me to die!”
I wanted to do so many things at once; yell, scream, cry. I was so hurt by this man I had come to care about.
Vel closed his eyes for a moment. He opened them as he spoke.
“I never wanted it to end this way, Na’sha. I love you.
He reached out to touch me. Suddenly a shot rang out from somewhere in the distance and Vel slumped to the forest floor. Aiden took off in the direction of the blaster shot. I hurriedly knelt down beside my fallen brother.
“Vel, look at me, Vel, please!”
He opened his eyes and reached to touch my face, wincing in pain.
“Na’sha, it was Sinka. I never wanted to hurt you. Forgive me.”
I nodded, too stunned to form the right words. Vel’s arm fell, and his body slumped. He was gone.
Aiden came trotting back into the clearing. I stood looking at him tearfully.
“It was Sinka; Aiden, Sinka did this!”
He nodded. “I found the Czerka employee up the trail. He’s dead and she is gone.”
Aiden reached to wrap me in his arms, but I shook my head.
“Now is not the time to grieve. We need to get back to the surface.”
I turned at the sound of the Wookiee, Shorcuk, walking up behind me. He tilted his head at me, watched me for a second and then quietly bent down and scooped up the fallen warrior.
Aiden led the way back up the trail in silence. We rejoined our guide, who waited just where we had left him, and started the trek back to the lift.
My thoughts were running wild. I kept replaying Vel’s words in my head. Not my sweet Sinka! How could she do this? Why would she do this? I had raised her. Why had Vel followed her? How could I have not seen this coming? So many unanswered questions.
I knew that Sinka would have reached the other Czerka employee by now and they would be heading back to the lift. I had to stop her. I had to keep her from hurting someone else. We walked hurriedly, Liakkat in the lead, followed by Shorcuk and myself, Aiden brought up the rear. I lost track of time as we quietly trekked through the forest. Vel was dead. I kept thinking about his last moments. I knew I should block it out until we had the situation under control, but it was hard to stay focused.
Time passed and we reached the lift site. As I had guessed, Sinka, HK and her guide had already gone up. We waited until the lift came back for us. It was a long, silent wait.
If the wait was long, the ride was longer. I was anxious to get to the surface and hunt her down. Funny how I always seemed to be hunting something. I couldn’t bring myself to look in the direction of Vel’s body.
Aiden touched my arm as we finally reached the surface. I snapped out of my daze and stepped onto the platform. It was morning, the city was just beginning to stir. Liakkat rushed us toward his father’s home which was a short distance away from the lift-site. Salova was there, opening the door and motioning us inside.
Shorcuk placed Vel’s body on a nearby cot and walked over to where I stood. Aiden and Liakkat were informing Salova of the past night’s events.
“I owe you a great debt, Mandalorian.”
Shorcuk’s voice was deep and melodious. He spoke slowly, making it easier for me to translate his words. “If you will have me, I wish to pledge myself to your service.”
I glanced at Aiden, who had stopped speaking at the Wookiee’s words.
“A life-debt? You owe me nothing my friend. You are free.”
The big Wookiee shook his head. “My life is yours.” He held out his hand to me.
I took it, sealing the vow. I knew that a Wookiee never made a life-debt lightly and who was I to turn away an ally. I could use all the help I could get.
Leaving Vel’s body with Salova; Aiden, Shorcuk and I hurriedly walked through the city streets, heading toward the nearest landing platforms. I knew that Sinka probably had my ship nearby, for a quick getaway. We searched through several areas and just as I was about to give up, I saw it! I picked up speed, now running, Aiden behind me, toward my ship. Sinka was walking up the platform. She turned , catching sight of me out of the corner of her eye. She darted into the ship. As I reached the area, the ship lifted off and was gone.
A nearby explosion, startled me. We turned in the direction of the sound. It was coming from another set of landing platforms. My eyes widened.
“Our ship!”
Smoke filled the air off to the right. We quickly made our way through the crowds to see for ourselves what had occurred. Sure enough, when we reached the place where we had left Aiden’s ship, there was nothing left but smoldering wreckage. Sinka had made certain that we could not follow her. I turned to look at my Jedi companion. He stood, looking at the debris, calmly shaking his head.
“I just had her washed!”
I made a disgusted face at him.
“How can you joke at a time like this?”
He shrugged. “Could have been worse.”
I tilted my head at him. “How?”
He smiled slightly. “We could have been on it.”
“Now what?” I asked, frustrated at all that had happened.”
Aiden shrugged. We will find her and stop her.”
I looked at him like he had lost his mind. “How? With what? In case you haven’t noticed, your ship is blown up?”
Aiden shook his head and put his arm around my shoulder. “Be patient. Trust in the Force.”
I snorted, “What, is your “Force” going to fly us to where Sinka is, because if not, I don’t see how we are going to get there?”
Aiden’s laughter echoed in the morning air, as he and my new Wookiee companion slowly led me back toward the crowded streets.
“Have faith, my love; just have a little faith.”


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