Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 01/30/2011

Kashyyyk part 10

The next few days passed by in a blur. My head was reeling with all that had transpired concerning Sinka and Vel. I felt so betrayed and confused. I had blamed everything on Vel and though he had played along, ultimately, Sinka had been the mastermind.I sighed and rubbed a hand across my face wishing I knew where I had gone wrong with her. I had found her, rescued her and raised her as if she were my own. True, I didn’t have much to offer her, but I gave her all I had and would have done anything for her.
From behind me, I heard Aiden enter our quarters.
“Everything is in order. The funeral will begin whenever you are ready.”
I turned toward him, tears threatening to spill over.
“Give me a minute.”
Aiden walked over to where I stood, and lovingly placed a hand on either side of my face. I closed my eyes and felt a tear trickle down my cheek, only to be wiped away by his strong yet tender fingers.
“None of this is your fault,love.”
I took a deep breath, “I know that, I just can’t help but wonder if I had paid more attention to things, could the outcome have been different?”
Aiden kissed me lightly on the forehead. “Look at me.”
I opened my eyes and stared into the deep blue of his.
“You can not control other peoples actions, you can only direct your own. You can guide and nurture people, teach them the ways of the world, but you can not force them to do your will. Ultimately, the decision is their own. It does not mean that you have failed.”
He gently placed his hand underneath my chin and raised my face, smiling at me.
“ I know you are hurt, little one, but it will pass and you will be stronger for it.”
At that moment,I wanted nothing more than to wrap myself within his embrace and let the world fade away in the safety of his arms, but I couldn’t, I had a funeral to attend. I let him lead me out of our quarters and into the Kashyyyk evening air.
The Wookiees had graciously allowed us to have a small ceremony for Vel. I am not sure that my new Wookiee companion, Shorcuk, understood why I wanted to have a ceremony for the man who had tried to kill me. He had betrayed me and helped Sinka in her treachery, but in the previous time that I had known him, he had been a good companion and friend. I needed to do this.
Aiden, Shorcuk, Salova, Liakkat and I were the only ones at the site. Vel’s body lay on a pyre, looking peaceful in his armor, almost as if he were only napping. I stepped close to his body, the others slightly behind me, giving me a small bit of privacy.
I whispered to Vel’s still body, “I know that something had to have happened, something made you follow her. I will find out what it is, if it takes me a lifetime. I loved you like a brother and because of that love, I forgive you. Rest well, vod.”
Aiden stepped up to me and handed me a torch, the flame’s heat warming my cheeks as I grasped it tightly. I lit the pyre with the torch’s flame and together, Aiden and I moved back to stand with the others. The flames crackled and spit as they engulfed the Mandalorian warrior’s corpse. It was a beautiful evening, and the sounds and sights of the tree-top city, made an awesome backdrop and a fitting tribute to my fallen comrade.
I didn’t much feel like eating a meal that evening, so I returned to my quarters and let Aiden go ahead without me. I was in a strange mood and I just wanted to be somewhere away from the crowds of people, somewhere private. I retreated to a nice warm shower and then stretched my weary body out on the bed. Aiden walked in just as I pulled the covers up around my naked body.
“Aiden, I thought you were having dinner.”
He smiled and I noticed his arms laden with packages.
“I decided that I didn’t fancy eating without you, so I got us something to eat here.”
Aiden walked over to the bed and began to open up containers of delicious smelling foods and I realized that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to eat a little something. I sat up, tucking my covers around me and smiled at him as he sat down on the bed beside me.
That night, my dreams were disturbing. Something dark, something dangerous jumped out at me from the corners of my mind. I awoke in the wee morning hours with a scream, sweating and panting. Aiden was there to sooth me. I couldn’t remember what I had dreamed, He held me close until I had calmed enough to sleep once more. He pulled me tighter, whispering words of comfort. I knew I was safe in his arms. The rest of my sleep was warm and peaceful….dreamless.



  1. Wait, so Sinka was behind all this? Why?…

    • Sinks has a hidden agenda! It will make itself clear soon enough;)

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