Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 01/30/2011

Kashyyyk part 11

The next morning, Shorcuk met us outside the Inn. In his melodious language, he informed me that the funeral fire had died. Aiden and I followed him back to the site, where I gathered Vel’s ashes in a small container that I had acquired. I wanted to spread his remains throughout the never-ending blackness of space where they could float freely, forever a part of the amazing universe in which we live. I think he would have liked that.
Shorcuk informed Aiden and I that his father would like to meet us. It was the first time the Wookiee had mentioned a family since we had freed him a few days earlier. I agreed to meet with him. It wasn’t like I had anything else to do. I still didn’t have a way off the planet, since Aiden’s ship was a smoldering pile of ruins, thanks to Sinka.
As we walked, I thought about my dreams of the night before. Aiden and I hadn’t spoken of it and I had no desire to. Still, it had shaken me, and I wished I could remember what had terrified me so. Part of me hoped the dream would come again and that I could remember, the other part hoped it was over.
It wasn’t a long trip to Shorcuk’s family home. Like most Kashyyk homes, it was small and modest, yet I could tell, as I entered, that Shorcuk’s father must be someone of importance. A wizened old Wookiee sat in a chair and watched as we approached him. His fur was a deep gray, flecked with patches of white. He rose as I reached him and motioned us to have a seat.
Aiden and I took a chair near him. Shorcuk introduced him as Dryanta, Holder of the Laws. I didn’t know a lot about Wookiees and their culture, but I did know that Holder of the Laws was a title given to wizened Wookiees who were Judges.
After our introductions, Dryanta thanked us for rescuing his eldest son. I smiled and told him that I was glad that I could be of help. He wanted to know if there was anything I needed. There was only one thing that I needed.
“I am trapped here. All of my possessions are gone and my friend’s ship, destroyed. All I really want is a way to leave.”
Dryanta nodded. “ I will do all in my power to help you.”
Shorcuk and his father talked for a few moments longer, and then we took our leave. As we walked, Shorcuk told me what he and his father had spoken of.
“Father, has given us a ship. It isn’t much, but it will get us off of the planet.”
I was pleasantly surprised. We walked toward the platform where Dryanta kept his ship.
My ticket off of this planet turned out to be a very broken down freighter. I sighed inside of my helmet. “Shorcuk, are you sure this thing will even start?”
Aiden laughed. “Well, at least it is all in one piece, which is more than I can say for mine.”
I just shook my head, no matter how dire the situation, Aiden could always find something to laugh about.
Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it would indeed start. It was barely held together in my opinion, but it was better than nothing. Surprisingly, I discovered that the freighter was fully stocked with food and supplies. Maybe I could give it some upgrades once I scrounged up enough funds. At least it was a start.
Aiden and I left Shorcuk with the ship. He assured me that he could spruce it up a bit and make some last minute adjustments before we departed. For once in a long time, I felt lighter.
Aiden and I spent the rest of the day preparing for the next leg of our journey. I didn’t know where Sinka had gone, but it was only a matter of time before I found her again. I wanted to be prepared for whatever may come my way. We ate and talked and for a moment, the galaxy seemed good again. I was so glad to have Aiden and my new Wookiee friend to accompany me on my journey.
I settled in bed that night with a smile. Things were looking up. Maybe Aiden was right, all I needed was a little faith.


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