Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 02/21/2011

Mind Trick part 2

After allowing me a few moments to recover, Aiden insisted that we resume his mind probing. I didn’t want to allow him back in, but now that it was clear, that someone had been messing with my head, I needed to know who this Sleemo was and what they thought to gain by invading my mind.
I slowly walked toward the back of the vessel and stretched out on an old cot. Aiden walked up to me and waited, as I attempted to make myself comfortable.
“It may take me some time to determine how and why your mind has been tampered with. First, I must unlock your mind to me. Whoever has done this to you, was no novice, they were methodical and deliberate. I do not know how, but I have a strong feeling that your Twi’lek friend is somehow tied to your mind being tampered with. Just relax and I will begin.”
I took a deep breath as he spoke. I felt his hand squeeze mine, in a comforting gesture, and my body relaxed. I knew that he would keep me as safe as possible. I again felt the warmth and tingling along my body as he began to probe into my thoughts. I tensed unintentionally, knowing that the pain would be soon to come, but this time, I felt nothing. I wanted to open my eyes, to see what he was doing, but I wisely kept them closed.
I heard him whisper to me,softly,“Do not fight this, Na’sha. Rest.”
I opened my eyes, hours later and groggily reached up to touch my slightly aching head. For a moment, everything seemed strange to me, heightened. I felt an overwhelming connection to something.….to everything! I shook my head and rubbed my hands over my eyes in an attempt to shake the strange feeling. The moment passed and I shrugged it aside. My mind had been poked and proded, of course I felt odd.
My voice was raspy, I cleared it as I spoke. “Aiden, where are you?”
I heard him, as he approached me.
“Good, you are awake. How do you feel, little one? He smiled,as he knelt down beside me.
“I am fine. What did you discover.”
Aiden looked at me with an odd expression.
“Well, come on Jedi, spit it out. I can tell you know something. No need to sugar coat it, just give it to me straight.”
He nodded. “Na’sha, just as I suspected, your mind was tainted by the dark side. I was able to remove the barrier, but it was difficult. All of the memories that you have of this girl, this Sinka, are fake, planted.”
I sat up, utterly confused and slightly alarmed.
“Me’ven?! Planted?! I… I don’t understand. She is real! You saw her on Kashyyyk, you know she exists, so how can my memories be fake?”
Aiden placed his hand on my shoulder, tenderly. “Yes, I saw her, She is indeed real, but all the memories that you have of being with her, saving her, raising her… none of those memories are real.”
I shook my head silently, not quite knowing what to say.
Aiden continued. “ I realized, when you suggested that she was with you when we first met, that she was somehow a vital part of the mind trick. I singled out the thoughts and memories of her, within your mind. Once I was able to separate them; remove them, I found your true memories of the past few years. Relax and think of the past now, and you will see the truth.”
I thought about Sinka and to my utter amazement, I couldn’t remember, the day we had met. All of the memories of Vel were intact, but when I tried to picture Sinka growing up or me teaching her to be a Mandalorian, I drew a blank. I brought to mind all of my memories of past excursions with my crew, only to find that Sinka was in none of them! I sifted through so many memories, so many missions. Everything was as I remembered it, only now, it only contained Vel and the droids. I also remembered the past few weeks of chasing my ship, but for the life of me, I could not remember where, how or when Sinka had come into the picture.
Aiden, nodded at my expressions of disbelief.
“I am sorry that this has happened to you. The only conclusion that I can draw, is that your Sinka, is not at all what she appears. I have searched your mind and it is my opinion, that this mind trick is the work of the Sith and somehow, your Twi’lek is the cause of it.”
I was dumbfounded. How could have this happened? Better yet, why had it happened? What would anyone have to gain from altering my mind? Aiden obviously sensed my anxiety.
“ I wish I could answer all of the questions that I feel running through your mind, but at this moment, I simply do not know. This Twi’lek could have come into your life a month, a week or a day before you landed on Nar Shaddaa. She is obviously, well acquainted with the dark side.”
“But Aiden, I don’t even have a memory of meeting her. How can that be?”
Aiden shrugged. “ If she caught you at a vulnerable moment, she simply had to sneak up and do her worst. You would never know it was coming. She is obviously very powerful.”
I watched Aiden thoughtfully. “You truly believe her to be a Sith?”
Aiden sighed softly. “An apprentice maybe, well taught in the force. It is the only logical explanation . Why she picked you, I could not say. What I do know, is that now, it is even more important that we find her and discover what it is that she is up to.”


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