Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 03/20/2011

Taris part 1

My eyes fluttered open. I raised myself up from the cot and rubbed my hands sleepily over my face, in an attempt to fully awaken. Aiden was next to me, with a hand gently on my arm.
“Sorry to wake you my love, but we are about to exit hyperspace. I thought you would want to be awake when we enter the Taris system.”
I nodded. “Wow, I must have been really tired. I don’t even remember falling asleep.”
I stood up and stretched, enjoying the effects of a good nap.
“ It is understandable that you are tired. We have been through a great deal the last few days, all of us are a bit worse for wear.” Aiden replied.
I totally agreed with him. We had been through a lot. I would just be glad when it was all over with, but I had an idea, that the end was a long way off.
I followed Aiden to the cockpit. “So, what do you know about Taris?”
Aiden shrugged. “Not a lot. It is a planet wide city. There are different levels, the top level being the upper crust of society while the under-city houses the castaways. There are swoop races, gambling, gangs and bounty hunting.”
I listened to him, while trying to remember what I had heard about the planet over the years.
“Wait, didn’t the people of Taris riot against their government and the local Jedi left the planet?” I questioned, hoping that we weren’t heading into a fire storm.
Aiden nodded, “ Yes, but from what I have heard, the planet is almost back to normal.”
I relaxed a little.
“Well, they still may not be overly thrilled with seeing a Jedi right now.”
Aiden nodded. “I agree, but who said I have to advertise?”
Shorcuk set us down smoothly, on a landing platform in one of the older quadrants of the upper city. We gathered our kit and opened the airlock, stepping out to catch our first glimpses of Taris.
My overall impression of the citizens was not a good one. Everyone watched us step from the ship, turning up their noses, when they caught sight of Shorcuk.
Aiden leaned in toward me, “Oh, did I forget to mention that most Tarisians don’t take well to different species?”
I snorted, “Great, this should be a wonderful visit.”
We carefully made our way toward the arrival area of the spaceport, Shorcuk trailing behind us, making low guttural sounds in his throat, already voicing his disapproval of this planet. As we reached the outer doors, a very large, very official man stepped out to bar our progress. His eyes were small and close together, his nose large and profuse, giving him the overall appearance of a Charwaxx beetle.
“That will be 1500 credits, please.”
I looked up at the port official, confused. “I beg your pardon, I don’t see anyone else paying to get into the city.”
The man smiled at me, as if pacifying a whiny youngling. “ No one else is bringing in an alien species, either.”
He looked over at Shorcuk, wrinkling his bulbous nose in disdain.
“That is outrageous and unfair!” I sputtered, narrowing my eyes at the prejudice di’kut!
“Unfair or not, that’s the price. Pay the fine, or leave that thing here.”
Shorcuk growled deep in his chest. I could feel his desperate need to punch the annoying man.
Aiden, who had been standing by, quietly watching the confrontation, slowly stepped up and moved me slightly aside.
“ Sir, you will let us pass. You have no problem with us, we were never here.”
I saw a confused and then blank expression cover the official’s face. Aiden motioned us to walk. Shorcuk and I walked through the Spaceport gate and waited for Aiden to join us. Moments later, we were out into the bustling city.
As we made our way through the crowded streets, Aiden spoke.
“I do not believe that your Sinka will be here in the upper city. Being a Twi’lek, she would be far too easily noticed. I think our best bet would be to look for her in the lower city. There, we will be less likely to stand out and less likely to start trouble.”
I agreed. I knew that he was probably right. Sinka would be too noticed here and she would want to be more or less invisible, so what better place to disappear than in the lower city. As we walked, I wondered what this planet had that would cause Sinka to come here. If she was a Sith, she was dangerous and up to no good. I just wondered how this planet fit in to the scheme of things. Aiden, walked over to a nearby protocol droid and asked for directions, to the nearest lift, to the lower city.
He returned shortly and pointed out the direction. As we walked, I marveled at the views. A pity that such a vast and beautiful city was wasted on these narrow-minded people. True, most of my people were prejudice as well, and in that respect, I differed from them. I stole a quick glance at Shorcuk, wondering what he must be feeling. I let Aiden walk slightly ahead and I slid into step beside the quiet Wookiee. I knew better than to say anything, Wookiees are not overly affectionate, unless they consider you their family and even though he claimed a life-debt to me, I knew I had not yet gained the privilege, of being given title of family. So, I quietly walked next to him, hoping that my presence, would be a sign to him, that he was part of my crew now, and I had his six.
After a few minutes of navigation, we arrived at the lift that would take us to the lower city. Aiden, pressed the control pad and the doors slid open. As we stepped inside, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement, along with a slight hint of dread. How would I find Sinka? What was she doing here? I sighed and closed my eyes, as the lift doors slammed shut. What was I doing here? Better yet, what was I getting myself into?



  1. looks like the startings of a great piece. I would prefer to sit here and read the newer parts you posted but, I gotta run. I will definitely be back reading the rest tomorrow though. cant wait

    • Thanks for reading. Hope you find it enjoyable.

  2. The story is really becoming more and more interesting…

    I couldn’t find info on the charwaxx beettle anywhere on the internet… Is it canon?

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