Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 04/09/2011

Taris part 2

The lift doors opened and we stepped out, onto the streets of the lower-city. It was less organized and far dirtier than the posh upper sectors. Here, different species roamed about freely, conversing with one another. I certainly felt more at home here than I had above, with all eyes trained on Shorcuk. Here, we blended in more fully and eased anonymously into the bustling crowds.
I wasn’t quite certain what we were looking for, or how to go about finding it. I looked imploringly at Aiden.
“Do not fret little love,” He whispered, “The Force will guide us.”
I rolled my eyes but remained silent. I wasn’t ready to put much stock in the Force, yet.
The best course of action, for the moment, seemed to be, to just explore the city. Maybe something would turn up. Sinka had to have stopped in some cantina or emporium at one point or another on her travels. I felt such a feeling of discouragement and despair. This planet was a vast maze of city streets and finding any trace of my target, seemed an impossible and daunting task. One small Twi’lek would not attract much attention amongst all of the many mixed species that called the lower-city home. It would take no more than a miracle to catch a break.
As we approached a row of shops, a small downtrodden man caught my eye. He was tattered, dirty and in obvious need of assistance. He seemed to be arguing with three tough looking men that I assumed to be bounty hunters. Against my better judgment, I found myself wandering in his direction.
“Please, I can’t pay much, but please help me, you’ve just got to help me!”
The small man pulled and tugged at the men, begging. They kicked him out of the way.
“Get on with you, you filthy scum! We don’t help people with no money.”
The man whimpered as one of the brutes, pushed him roughly to the ground. They walked away, leaving him lieing in the dirty street.
I walked up to the man and offered my arm. He reached out, unsure and slowly raised himself. “Th..thanks.” He stammered.
I released him and took a few steps back.
“No problem, but you really should be more careful. Those guys could have killed you.”
The man smiled, looking my crew and I over, as if sizing us up. I introduced myself and my companions.
“You look like you would be more than capable of helping me. I can’t pay much, but would you please help me, I have run out of options.”
The man looked so distressed. I looked over at Aiden. He was giving me his “do the right thing” look. I closed my eyes and sighed.
“What is it that you need?”
The man heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, you won’t regret this! My name is Manias Carn. I have lived here in the lower-city for as long as I can remember. I don’t have a lot of money, but what I do make, I am ashamed to say, I gamble away. I owe money to a man called Tolas Valara. He is the leader of a lesser swoop gang known as the Blade Vipers.”
Manias paused in his story, to wipe his hands over his eyes, as if shutting out some painful memory.
“ I didn’t have the money when his men came to collect it from me, two days ago. They took the only precious possession that I have as payment.”
The man looked at me with teary eyes. “ They took my daughter.”
Osik! Why couldn’t I wander upon someone who needed something simple? I had things to do. People to track, a ship to retrieve. I did not need another quest. I turned to look at my companions. Aiden nodded his approval. Of course he would want to help, that is what Jedi do. Shorcuk, I knew, would go along with me no matter the choice, his life-debt to me required it. I sighed. I knew this would put me off the path to my true destination, but then again, I could always search for Sinka as I searched for Manias’s daughter. If I didn’t help him, who would?
I turned back to the pleading man.
“Tell me everything I need to know about your daughter and this swoop gang.”



  1. interesting so far. it keeps me locked in and wanting to read more…

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