Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 04/18/2011

A Jedi Poem By: Mandaloriangirl

A Jedi Poem

By: Mandaloriangirl

Black as pitch, the midnight
A soft caress, the breeze
The only light is broken shards
Of moonlight, through the trees
A figure walks with purpose
A shadow in the night
A figure walks with swiftness
Bearing freedom, bearing might
So careful are his footsteps
So light against the ground
So graceful are his movements
That you scarce can hear a sound
The cloak across his shoulders
It ripples with each step
As he hurries through the darkness
Toward the ones he seeks to help
Sacrifice and service
A purpose driven life
He’d give his very breath
To end another person’s strife
He has his heart to lead him
He has the Force to guide
He has his wit and knowledge
A code he does abide
He stands upon the hilltop
Overlooking valleys deep
A savior come to save us all
His promise he will keep
The beams of light from triple moons
Cast down an eerie glow
The figure in the moonlight stands
Regards his hunted foe
A shiny silver object
Dangles at his hip
He clutches it, caresses it
Holds it in his grip
He raises it before him
And ignites a shining blade
A beam of blue intensity
In beauty all arrayed
A glowing blade of energy
It stands for truth and right
Its the weapon of a guardian
A mighty Jedi Knight.

Dedicated to Aiden Vinolo, My Jedi Hero



  1. love it!! fantastic work, new to your site but looking foward to sampling more of your incredible work!!

    • Thank you very much for reading! Hope it is a much fun for you to read as it is for me to write.

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