Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 04/18/2011

Taris Part 6

Aiden shook his head, as the Blade Viper passed from our view and into the crowd.
“ I leave you for two minutes and you have already butted heads with a gang member. What is it about you and trouble?”
I cut my eyes in his direction. “Don’t start with me, I found them didn’t I?”
Aiden snorted. “Looks to me, like they found you.”
Whatever comment I had been about to make, was drowned out by Dak, as he dismounted his bike and walked in our direction.
“Whoooo! Did you see that? What a rush!! Not my best time, but not bad!”
Dak stopped short as he saw the look on both mine and Aiden’s faces. “What happened? What did I miss?”
Aiden turned to our new friend. “Nothing, just some gang member harassing my wife.” Dak grew serious. “That could be very unhealthy! Any idea what gang he is part of?”
Aiden faked ignorance. “ I am not familiar with these gangs. His jacket had a serpent around a vibroblade.”
Dak grimaced. “ Blade Vipers. That is most unfortunate. They are bad news.” Dak continued. “ They have two members in the race today. One of the racers is Nash Felan. He is their top racer and two time champion. A real nasty character. His less talented cohort, is Ral Tarask.”
He shot me a concerned look. “I suggest that you stay as far away from them as possible.”
Aiden assured Dak that we would be careful. As he spoke, I scanned the track, looking for any sign of the man I had encountered.
“A round of applause for our next contestant, two time champ, Nash Felan.”
I turned toward the track at the announcement. The man who had confronted me, mounted his bike and waited for the starting light. We all stood, watching the Blade Viper, race through the course. Almost as quickly as it started, it was over. The crowd cheered, as the time was called. So far, his time was fastest.
Aiden and I spent the rest of the day,with Dak, watching the race. Shorcuk didn’t seem interested in the crowds. He stood quietly aside, eying the bikes with interest. It was no surprise when, at the race’s closing, Nash Felan was declared the day’s fastest racer. Dak explained, that so many racers entered, it usually caused a standard week’s worth of trials before an overall winner could be determined. We thanked Dak for his help and companionship, parting ways, to retire to our rooms.
The walk back to our lodgings was long. For the most part, I remained silent, listening to the noisy bustling of people, moving along the crowded streets. The moment we arrived in our room, I fell back across the bed, armor and all.
“It has been a long day. I am beat!”
Aiden stared in my direction. “I agree. I just want to lie back and rest.”
He walked over to the bedside and began to take off his boots. “What do you suggest we do now?”
I sighed, staring up at the ceiling. “I guess the best course of action would be to purchase a swoop bike. We need to get closer to those racers, what better way than to become one?”
I arose from the bed and began taking off pieces of my armor. Last night’s episode was foremost on my mind. I didn’t know if I could take another night like that. I could feel Aiden’s eyes on me, as I slipped the last of the armor off. Why couldn’t things be simple? Why must life always complicate things? Part of me died, the day the Jedi called him away from me, the first time. My heart just shriveled and hardened. If I gave in to him, the next time, would destroy me.
Without a glance in his direction, I eased onto the bed and slid beneath the covers. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping for once, he would just let it go and go to sleep. I felt him move across the bed, slipping his arm across my waist and pulling me close to him. I wanted to pull away, but he buried his face in my hair; his breath warm, against my cheek. I felt myself melt, just a little. I was disgusted with myself for not moving away, but my heart wanted him close to me, just this once. I relaxed against him, at once, feeling peace and knowing that tonight I would sleep well, with him snuggling me close. I felt my mind drift into sleep.
“Goodnight, cyar’ika.” He whispered into the darkness.



  1. Great! As always, im loving the heading of the whole story. cant wait for more! just wanted to add that I actually have a character who is named “Cyar’ika” in my story. She hasnt been introduced yet but will be in my 5/1/11 update. If you couldnt tell she’s also a mandalorian, so you might like her lol

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