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Taris part 8

Shorcuk spent the remainder of the morning and long hours into the evening working on the swoop bike. According to Dak, even though the race had already begun, we could still enter, up until the last day, which was two days away. Since each person raced separately, it took a while for all of the racers to have their trials. I was a bit worried that the bike wouldn’t be finished in time. Dak had agreed that we could keep it in his workroom, at the shop and that Shorcuk could work on it there.
I left Aiden in our room and walked through the now darkened streets. If I had thought that the lower city looked rough in the day time, it was twice as bad at night. Brightly flashing signs pointed the way to the sectors local hot spots. Drunken patrons stumbled out of the nearest one, as I passed. Scantily clad women wandered the streets, smoking, laughing and propositioning the local males walking to and from the cantinas. Somewhere, in the distance, a scream resounded in the darkness, making me shudder and quicken my step, just a little.
I walked around to the back of the shop and knocked on the door. I was surprised when the door opened to reveal Dak, instead of Shorcuk.
“Uh, Hi.” I stuttered. “Shorcuk still working on the bike?”
Dak smiled. “Yeah, come on in. I didn’t expect to see you out so late.”
I walked through the doorway and into the workroom. Dak quietly shut the door behind me.

Shorcuk was hunched down, intent on the bike repairs. He only gave a cursory grunt, as I called out to him. I turned to Dak.
“I expected you would have left him here and gone home by now.”
Dak laughed. “What, and miss all the fun of watching him beat and bang on the old clunker? I want to be here, if by some miracle, he get her to start.”
I raised a brow at Dak. ” I thought you said she only needed a little work?”
Dak looked sheepish. “Well, I may have made a slight miscalculation.”

I crossed my arms and glared. “You know that we really need this thing to work, right?”
Dak nodded. “Yeah, I felt bad after you left and I decided that your wookiee friend could use some help, so here I am.”
Dak walked over to a corner and pulled out two folding seats. He opened them up and offered one to me.
“You know, I am glad you came by. I was hoping for a chance to see you, without your bodyguard.”
I laughed. “I am sorry about his behavior. He usually is not like that.”

Dak gazed at me with a soft expression in his brown eyes. “I can’t say that I blame him. If I had such a pretty girl as you for a traveling companion, I would be a bit possessive myself.”
I blushed slightly at his comment. Dak noticed my blush and winked. He stood up and lazily walked over to Shorcuk, checking his progress. I spent the next two hours watching the pair work quietly and steadily. I leaned back against the wall, feeling my eyes getting heavier.

A warm hand brushed against my face, making my eyes flutter open tiredly.
“Mmmm,” I stretched and tried to focus.
“Guess I was boring company.” Dak snickered as he sat down beside me. “It is almost dawn. Let me walk you back to your room. The bike will be finished in a few hours.”
I stood up and walked toward the door.
“Sorry, I guess I was more tired than I had originally thought. You don’t have to walk me back. I will be fine.”
Dak shook his head and walked to the door, opening it. “Please, I want to walk you back, unless of course you don’t want my company?”
I smiled. How could anyone not want his company. There was something about him that put a person at ease.
“Of course, walk with me if you like.”

The streets had begun to grow quiet. The silence of the city felt strange after witnessing it so full of noise, only hours before. “Thank you Dak, you have helped us so much. I appreciate all you have done.”
Dak looked over in my direction. “You are welcome. I only wish that I could do more. If only I had met you before the races, I would have not registered and then I could pilot your bike for you.”
I couldn’t help but smile. “Dak, we will be fine. We don’t need to win, only do well enough to get the attention of the Blade Vipers. Aiden can pilot the bike.”
I could hear Dak’s sigh, soft and low in the darkness. “He is going to get himself killed.”
I tried to suppress a chuckle. “Aiden is more than capable of handling himself. He is full of surprises.” “Well, for his sake, Na’sha, I hope you are right.”

We arrived at the inn and Dak insisted on walking me up to my room. We stopped beside the doorway, leaning against it for a moment. “I am glad we got the chance to talk. You really are a great woman and since you and Aiden are only friends, I insist that when this mission of yours is over with, you let me take you to dinner.”
I was flattered by his invitation. “I don’t know if that would be a good idea. You are really nice and I like you, but things are…complicated.”
Dak looked thoughtfully at me, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Well, the offer stands. I had better get back to my shop. I have time for a quick nap before it is opening time. If you need me for anything….” He reached out to touch a stray strand of my hair. ” And I do mean anything, you know where to find me. Good luck with your mission.”
Before I could protest, he leaned in and kissed my cheek.
“Good night, beautiful.”
“Good night, Dak.” He sauntered down the hallway and was out of sight.

I opened the door and entered into the room quietly, not wanting to wake Aiden. The room was dark and silent. I eased across the floor, toward the bed, hoping to get my armor off with as little noise as possible.
“Have a nice night?”
I nearly jumped out of my skin, as the question, rang out through the silence.
“Aiden, you startled me. I thought you’d be asleep.”
I turned in his direction. He was propped against the wall, beside the doorway.
“Was that Dak outside with you just now?”
“Yes. He walked me home from the shop. I went to check on Shorcuk.”
I could feel Aiden’s eyes on me as I spoke. I wondered why he was still awake.
“Is everything all right? Are you having trouble sleeping?”
Aiden stepped closer, but remained silent.
“You really should be getting some rest you know, you will be trying out the bike in the morning.”
He stepped up to me and stopped, looking at me with an odd expression.
“You like him, don’t you, Na’sha?”
“Who?” I wrinkled my brow.
I was puzzled at all of his questioning. “He is nice.”
Aiden reached for me, placing one hand on either side of my face.
“I am nice too and yet you hardly even speak to me.” Aiden sighed, leaning his forehead in to touch mine. “You are just a new, pretty face to him. Don’t let it go to your head.”
I could feel his breath against my face, warm and inviting.
“I, on the other hand, know you inside and out. I adore you, faults and all. I see you for who you are and I embrace all of you.”

I reached my hands out in front of me, in an attempt to push at his chest.
“Aiden, there is nothing between Dak and me. He is just an acquaintance and as for you, well, you know where we stand. You know why…..”
The breath was nearly ripped from my lungs, as Aiden pulled me close to his chest, one hand sliding around to bury fingers in my hair.
“You know that you feel the same for me as I do for you, Na’sha.”
I gasped at the slight tug against my hair. “Aiden, we shouldn’t….”
Aiden growled slightly as his lips moved in closer to mine, his voice, barely a whisper.
“For once in your life, just shut up!”



  1. haha nice end for that chapter – “just shut up!” I know ive said this before but the way you portray your events truly come across as real life situations, and its just excellent. Keep writing 🙂

    • Thanks again for the great comment! I try to make sure that my characters seem real. I believe that Star Wars characters aren’t just lightsabers and blasters, they are people with lives of their own. I am glad I at least managed to make them seem as alive to you, as they feel to me.

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