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Taris part 21

Aiden raced into the base; lightsaber moving in a blur of motion. I was close enough behind to hear the saber’s distinct hum and the whooshing noise it made, as the blade cut through the air. Aiden moved as if one with his weapon, each swing, each parry, a beautiful sight to behold. Vipers fell left and right as he cut a path through them. I covered his right, Dak and Shorcuk taking the left and rear.
The base was large and I hoped that Aiden remembered where he had seen the servants area. The sooner we could get to her, the sooner we could get out of here.
“This way!”
Aiden rounded a corner and we entered a larger chamber. I remembered walking through it on the way to dinner, the night we stayed here. Large double doors slid open and ten heavily armed guards poured out and into the room. Behind us, five more blocked the way back. I looked around, but there was not anywhere to take cover. The four of us moved closer to each other, placing our backs together; forming a small circle.
“Aiden love, I hope you know where you are going and I hope you have a plan.”
“You and the others, take care of the slackers and leave the rest to me.”
The guards had moved and spread themselves around us. A couple of them smiled thinking that they had us trapped.
The three of us, careful to still protect Aiden’s back, fired into the guards at the rear. Aiden leaned forward, slamming his hand onto the floor. I heard a loud noise as he did so; the air moved and the ground shook. From where Aiden’s hand touched the ground, the flooring buckled and cracked, moving out from the spot in tidal waves, the force of it pushing the front group of guards backwards into the walls. I could hear the sickening crunch of bones breaking as the men hit; their bodies sliding to the floor in crumpled heaps. Aiden moved to the left, slicing into a Blade Viper’s midsection as he did so.
“This way, hurry!”
We followed as he opened a door and raced into a long corridor. I could hear the remainder of the men running behind us. Aiden stopped and motioned us to keep moving.
“Get back.”
We moved toward the end of the hallway and stood in front of the only door leading out. Aiden raised a hand. The ceiling shook for a moment and I saw Aiden’s hand clinch into a fist, his arm moving downward. As it did so, A large piece of the ceiling came with it, forming a pile of rubble in front of the door we had entered. Aiden turned and ushered us quickly through the exit.
“That should hold them for a bit.”
Dak’s eyes were round and bright as he looked across at Aiden. “That was amazing, I wish I could do that!”
Aiden remained serious. “ You can flatter me later. For now, let’s get the girl. I think we are almost there.”
We moved quickly into the servants area. It was a large space, mostly devoid of furnishings. Small uncomfortable looking pallets lined the floor as makeshift beds. At least fourteen people stood huddled in the far corner, having been frightened by all of the blaster fire and yelling. Dak walked over to them.
“We are looking for Kira Carn, do you know her?”
I small fragile looking girl dressed in rags stepped forward. Her face was streaked with dirt and her hair hung in a matted mess around her shoulders.
“I-I am Kira.”
Dak nodded. “Good. Your father sent us for you. We are getting you out of here.”
The girl looked relieved and stepped toward Dak. My eyes were drawn to the rest of the trembling mass. They all had families somewhere; they all had people that loved and missed them. How could I just leave them here?
“We are getting you all out of here.”
Dak rolled his eyes. “Na’sha are you sure? It is going to be hard enough to get the girl out, much less all of them.” He motioned toward the sad looking group.
“I won’t leave them, Dak. Their lives are important too.”
Aiden looked around, keeping an eye out for trouble. “Come on, we do not have time to argue about this. We need to move.”
Aiden in the lead, we ushered the servants out of the room and through a side door. We ran down the long corridor and after making a couple turns more, we came out into one of the main chambers and face to face with the Blade Viper’s leader, Bekka Dravven.
“Well, well. Look at what we have here. Aiden, I am disappointed in you. I thought we were friends.” Bekka stood with her hands poised on her curvacious hips. “Not only are you not a swoop racer, but you are a Jedi. How interesting!”
“Let us pass Bekka, there is no need for you to get hurt. Just admit defeat and we will be on our way.” I said.
“Ha, Ha! You would like that, no?” Bekka smiled. “Well, I am afraid that I am going to have to disappoint you.”
“Do you really think that you can stop us, Bekka? There is only one of you and four of us.”
Bekka laughed. Would you really gang up on me like cowards? And here I thought you to be honorable warriors. “ I challenge you Na’sha. I have felt your dislike and hostility toward me from our first meeting. Let us settle this like true warriors.
Bekka pulled a vibro-sword from her back and pointed it at me.
I turned to Aiden and whispered. “When the fight starts, get them out of here. Promise me.”
“Na’sha I will not leave you behind.”
“Do it. I will be along as soon as I am finished with her.”
Bekka spoke. “What are you whispering about over there? Do you accept my challenge or will you prove yourself to be the coward that I know you are?”
I took a deep breath to calm myself.
“I accept.”
Aiden placed a hand on my arm. “Do not let her anger you. Fight with a clear mind and a strong focus. I will lead the others out and we will wait for you.” He looked into my eyes. “Take this. You may need it.”
He placed his lightsaber in my hand. I felt my heart leap into my throat. “I can’t take this. I can’t even use it. Besides, what if you need it?”
“Trust in yourself, and trust in the Force.” He gave me a wink. “Besides, I don’t need the lightsaber. As you always say, it is the tool, I am the weapon!”
I smiled and turned toward my challenger. “Let’s do this.”



  1. This is a great and exciting chapter. Thanks for sharing it!

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