Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 01/19/2012

Dantooine part 10

The sun shone brightly in the prairie sky, as I impatiently paced outside of Master Syndraa’s chambers.  Scrapper had been in there for what seemed to me like hours. I wondered what she was doing. I had wanted to go in with him, but the look on Aiden’s face as he had stood beside me, held me back. I knew that I was already being over protective and I needed to let go. I remembered Master Syndraa’s words from earlier in the morning.  She was right, I knew, but that still didn’t make all of this any easier.

“Na’sha, would you please sit down?” Aiden asked, as he calmly leaned back in on the chairs lining the hallway.

“Sorry. I just wonder what they are talking about.”

“Well, stop being nosy. It is none of our concern what is said. It is between the two of them. If they want us to know, they will tell us. You have to learn to be patient!”

“Patience is not one of my strong suits.”

“That much is obvious.”

The door to Master Syndraa’s room slid open, just as I was about to reply and out stepped Scrapper. He smiled as he saw us and ran over to give me a hug. Master Syndraa motioned to Aiden, who walked over to her and the two of them spoke for a moment.

I smiled at Scrapper. “Did you have a nice visit?”

“Yes, buir. She is a very nice Jedi. She gave me cookies.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Cookies? Well, I guess that does make her a nice Jedi.”

Aiden walked over to us and ruffled Scrapper’s hair.

“Well, now we will go have some lunch and then off to the Council chambers. They have agreed to speak with me about Scrapper.”

I looked at him with a curious expression. “What about us and the mission?”

Aiden shrugged. “I do not know. I will ask them if the opportunity arises.”

“They need to tell us something, Aiden! We can’t just sit here forever, while Sinka gets away.”

“Na’sha, be calm. I know that we need to get going, but we have only been her for a few days.  For all we know, she may be stationery herself. We have to be patient and wait for the Force to show us our next move.”

“I am running out of patience. We don’t need to sit and talk, we need action!”

“I agree, but you must let us handle this. If the Council feels all of this emotion running through you, they will never let me train you. Please hold off on the ranting until we get our answer and are back on the ship.”

I mumbled but agreed to try to restrain myself. I just couldn’t understand what was taking so long.

After a quick lunch, I kissed Scrapper on the forehead and wished him luck, as Aiden led him toward the Council chambers. I wandered through the enclave and spotted Dak staring out at the scenery.


“Oh. Hi.”

Dak smiled and waved an arm out in front of him toward the prairies. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

I tilted my head and gave the landscape a good look. “I guess it is rather beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is a lot more beautiful than the lower city of Taris. I have just never seen so much open space. It is so peaceful here.”

“It is peaceful, or at least it would be if I wasn’t so worried about what is going to happen to us and to Scrapper.”

“Come on, Na’sha. This is like a mini vacation here. Just forget about stuff and enjoy it while it lasts. I imagine that by the time this is all over with, we are all going to wish we were back here, watching the grasses blow in the breeze.” Dak laughed. “Even Shorcuk is happy. He is down in the training area watching the padawans spar.”

“I guess you are right. I do need to lighten up.”

Dak turned to look in my direction. “Hey, there is Aiden and the boy.”

He waved both arms in the air, signaling them over to us.

Scrapper ran to meet us, wrapping both arms around my waist. “Buir, they said I could be a Jedi!”

“That is wonderful!” I squeezed him tightly.

Aiden smiled. “He was so impressive, that they didn’t take long to decide. I think that it also helped that he already has a potential master.”

I looked at Aiden quizzically. “Who?”

“It seems that Master Syndraa wishes to train him. She told the Council that she had felt drawn to speak to you and once you told her of Scrapper, here, she knew why the Force had led her to speak to you.”

I sighed with relief. Master Syndraa’s words came back to me about how the Force can bring people together. She had been right. The Force had led me here to find him for her to train. I felt the knot in my stomach loosen a little. He was going to be a Jedi. Parting would be hard and I would miss him terribly, but he would be well taken care of. It was one less thing that I had to worry about.

“That is not all of my news, Na’sha.”

“There is more?”

“Yes. I had the chance to discuss things over with the Council. They have decided to help us on our mission.”

I leaned back against the low, stone wall. “Thank the Maker!”

“They said that it will take a few more days to gather the resources, but when it gets here, we will fully stocked and on our way. They are even providing us with better ship.”

“What about Na’sha’s training? Are they going to allow it?” Dak asked.

I felt a lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach as I waited for Aiden’s answer.

“They are still considering it. They want to see us again before we leave. Maybe they will have an answer for us then.”

I felt let down. I had so hoped that they would have a quick answer. The waiting game was killing me, but they agreed to help us and Scrapper was going to have a bright future. Two worries down, one more to go.


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