Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 04/25/2012

Ode to the Sith

He moves with a purpose,
exuding strength and might,
eyes looking onward,
toward the enemy in sight.

No fear in his heart,
just a whisper on his breath;
a curse to his opponant,
in his eyes, is only death.

His anger rises swiftly,
on his concious, no remorse,
just a hunger for the violence
as he calls upon the Force.

His hand goes for the crimson blade
that rests upon his hip,
his fingers spread, as lightning bolts
rip from his finger tips.

He feels the fear around him
as the conqured try to flee;
he hears the screams of anguish,
but ignores the tearful plea.

He continues his assult,
they will die or they will yield;
a testament to power
for the empire he will build.

He moves among the fallen;
living legend, walking myth;
all hail to the Emperor
and bow before The Sith!


  1. […] Many of you, who follow this article, know I enjoy fan-fiction, fan-art, and heck almost anything the community members create. One of my favorite fan-fiction writers is Mandalorian Girl, her ongoing saga about a Mandalorian learning the ways of the Force is just amazing and recommend it to anyone out there. Now this week she has posted something different, but no less creative…she has shared with us a poem. I will let the work speak for itself, but please let her know what you think of it on her site! The artwork I found by *overdrivezero on Ode to the Sith […]

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