Posted by: Natasha A. Morea | 09/04/2013

An important message to all my readers!

Dear readers,

I wanted to make you guys and gals aware of something important.  Facebook has disabled my account. Their claim for doing so is that I did not use my real name. I had over 2000 friends on my page and hardly one of them uses their real name, probably even some of you reading this. I appealed the action, but unfortunately Facebook refuses to reinstate my page. They claim that Facebook does not allow people to use their page to represent made up persons. My page was about me and my writing, not some made up person. I just used a pen name.  I didn’t advertize or sell anything, just personal stuff and links to my blog. It is extremely unfair to me that I was targeted like that. 

I will be making a new page and I will be posting some new content on this site soon. I just wanted to make you all aware of the situation. I would most appreciate it if you all would do me one favor. Please link this post in your Facebook pages so that others can be aware as well. I was friends with a lot of the same people that most of you are in the star wars community and have no other way to spread the word to them. Not all of them read my work.

Facebook was wrong to take down my page when there are hundreds of thousands of others on their website that do not use their names. Instead of targeting a person like me who uses the site to show off art and writing and to make new friends, they should be targeting those who use it to cause real harm to others.

I will NOT let them win. They may have taken my page, full of people I adore and some of who I can never get back due to their pages being full, but they will not take my spirit and I will make a new page and start over. This time, I will use my real name and see what excuse they come up with for blocking me.

I will let you all know when I make a new page, so you won’t think a crazy person you don’t know is friending you, lol.  Until then, PLEASE help me spread the word on all of your social networks.

I will have new story content up in a couple of weeks maybe less, things have been hectic.

Thanks for your time.



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