About me:

My real name is Natasha Morea. I am a fangirl that loves Star Wars more than air. I am a Southern girl who enjoys reading, writing, playing xbox 360 and collecting weapons. I am a total sci-fi freak!  I love fan fiction and I hope you all enjoy reading mine!


  1. I first heard of you through the TorSyndicate pod cast. Great work, I love the stories.
    Have you ever thought of doing your own pod cast and reciting your chapters ? Without sounding too creepy, you have a nice voice and you really get the emotion into the story.
    /cheers, and keep up the great work

    • Wow, thanks! I am so glad that you like my work. This is actually the first time I have ever done anything like this. My own podcast? That is a great thought, but not sure it would get many hits. I feel lucky to work with TorSyndicate, they have really embraced me. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Briikase gote’tuur! Ni vercopaani meg gar jahaala!

    Keep up the great work, and here’s to yet another fine Mando’a-filled year!

  3. I love hearing you read your stuff on the Tor Syndicate podcasts. You are talented, I especially love your characters! Keep up the great work!

  4. Have had your website in my favorites for a while now, but it wasn’t until early last week that I actually had the time to start reading/listening to your stuff. With that said i’ve just gotta say. I’m loving it 🙂

    Keep up the good work Natasha, looking forward to every update now 🙂

    ~Matt/Corm (S-wales,UK)

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate you reading my story. It amazes me everyday how far my little blog seems to be reaching! I am so glad that you like it. It is comments like yours that really makes it all worthwhile to me. Again, thank you!

  5. You have a great talent and I love listening. Keep it up!


  6. Stumbled upon your site Googling Mandalorian stories. Love your work, and looking forward to catching up on all the stories. 🙂

    • Thank you. I am glad you found my site and I hope you enjoy my fan-fiction.

  7. Any chance you could post something listing what podcasts you have read your materials on…? I see many posts above indicating you have made appearances, but not specific as to which podcasts and which episodes…
    Would love to give a listen!

    • I read my work on the TORSyndicate podcast at torsyndicate.com ; I believe it started with my first interview episode 16. I am on most episodes after that. Thank you for your interest in my story 🙂

  8. hello there from a fello star wars nut.
    I found you on twitter, and when i saw you had a wordpress account too i thought id give it a look. i’m loving the stories.
    I’ve written a few star wars fan fiction stories myself, though they are mostly set during the clone wars, and centered around the a character i created on a custom costuming forum.
    I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future, keep up the good work.

    • I am so glad you like my blog! I haven’t posted in a while, but I will soon. I am glad you found me 🙂

  9. just discovered your blog, loving the stories but can’t help but wonder in what timeframe in the SW universe this story unfolds.

    Maybe not a question you’d like the answer to keep options open but just can’t help myself from asking, anyway keep up the good work and reading through the different chapters i can tell you really are improving

    • I am glad you discovered my blog. My story takes place during the kotor(knights of the old republic) era. I hope to have new content up soon. Hope you continue to read.

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