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Taris part 14

I hadn’t expected the swoop gang leader to be a woman and certainly not one so beautiful. I walked over and took a seat between Dak and Shorcuk. She seated herself in front of us, crossing her long, leather clad legs; spike heeled boots hugging her all the way to her knees, making them look even longer. Her black lipstick and nails were a sharp contrast to her pale skin. Her eyes were a deep violet color. I didn’t want to seem rude, but I could not help but stare.
Dak leaned his face in close to mine. “Wow! I bet the men are dying to be part of her gang. I am almost tempted to join.”
I elbowed him in the ribs sharply.
“It seems that I am not the only one who is taken with her.” Dak continued
I stole a quick glance in Aiden’s direction. He seemed to be taken in by the woman’s appearance. I turned away and wriggled uncomfortably in my seat.
“I am so glad you could make it to our little meeting.” The woman smiled. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bekka Dravven and you must be Aiden Vinolo.” The woman called Bekka smiled and batted her violet eyes in Aiden’s direction.
“Indeed I am. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Aiden said, eyes never leaving the slender beauty. “These are my companions. Aiden moved his hand in our direction, as if to signal us to introduce ourselves.
“Hello, the names Dak Kallos.” Dak gave the woman a crooked grin.
She turned her eyes in my direction. I pointed at Shorcuk.
“This is Shorcuk and I am Na’sha…..” I narrowed my eyes slightly. “…Aiden’s wife.”
I thought I caught a slightly disappointed look cross Bekka’s lovely features. I found myself feeling a bit smug. Aiden always threw the wife card out there when there were men in the picture, so turnabout is fair play.
“Well, how nice to meet you all. Now that the introductions are over with, let’s cut to the chase shall we?”
Bekka stood and we all followed suit. She glanced in my direction.
“I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your husband for a moment, we have business to discuss.”
I smiled and nodded. “Of course.”
Aiden began to walk toward her.
“Love, aren’t you forgetting something?” I reached and grabbed his arm.
I pulled him close and kissed him soundly.
“Remember why we are here, darling.” I whispered in his ear before he followered her to the door.
“We will be back shortly, then we can chat and have a proper dinner.”
With that; Bekka, Aiden and the four guards left the room.

I walked across the room, pacing its length.
“Don’t wear a hole in the floor, Na’sha. He knows why we are here. Don’t worry.”
I shook my head. “Well someone has to worry.”
“You seem really jealous for a woman who claims to only be Aiden’s friend.”
“I am NOT jealous!”
“Yeah, whatever makes you feel better, love.”
I grunted and sat down in one of the cushioned seats, my head tilted toward the ceiling.
“I wish I could hear what they are talking about.”
“I am sure Aiden will tell us when we get out of here.”
“I am not sure when that will be. Bekka said we are to stay for dinner. I am not sure I want to eat with these people.”
Dak laughed. “I don’t think they brought us here to poison us. They obviously want something. I think we will be fine.”
“I guess you are right. So, we just sit here and wait.”

The wait lasted nearly an hour. Just when I had decided she had sneaked off planet with him, the doors slid open and Aiden walked in alone.
“Well, it is about time!”
Aiden raised a brow at me as he took the seat across from me.
“Miss me?”
I snorted and ignored the question.
“I have a lot to tell you all, but now is not the time. These walls are far too thin, if you catch my meaning. We will have time to talk after dinner.”
I agreed that now was not the time for discussion. We waited patiently, and a few minutes later, two large guards appeared to escort us to the private dining area.
I smelled the food before the doors to the dining room opened. As they slid into place, a brightly lit room greeted us, a long table, laden with luscious foods assaulted our senses. My thoughts of avoiding dinner was swept out the window. I hadn’t been hungry before, but the sights and smells were making my stomach rumble. It is hard for a Mando to turn down good food.
Bekka was seated at the head of the table. She had changed into a deep purple jumpsuit, the color making her eyes stand out even more. It was cut low in the front, a single green gem hanging from a golden chain, lay nestled between her skin. Suddenly, I felt awkward and cumbersome in my armor. I had never needed to feel pretty before and it bothered me that she could make me feel out of place. I pushed the feeling aside and took a seat at the table.
“Thank you for joining me for dinner. I was uncertain of what you would like, so I had my cooks fix several things. I hope it is all to your liking.”
She smiled and picked up a knife, cutting into a large piece of bantha steak. We all began putting things on our plates. The dinner passed by with pleasant conversation. After we had finished, Bekka spoke.
“It is late. Please except my invitation to stay here for the night. I have plenty of rooms available. I will have my men escort you back tomorrow.”
We agreed, what choice did we have? We didn’t know the way out and she was well aware of that.
A guard led us to a set of rooms with adjoining doors.
“Mr. Vinolo, you and your wife will take this room and your companions will take the other. Enjoy your night.”
The guard bowed and left us to ourselves.
Dak and Shorcuk walked to the adjoining door and told us good night. As the door closed behind them, I walked over to the bed and began taking off my armor. Aiden slipped out of his robes and tucked his lightsaber beneath his pillow for easy access. I felt lost without my weapons to put beneath mine.
“What did you and that woman talk about while you were gone?”
“She showed me around and asked me to become a Blade Viper and race for them.”
“Anything else?”
“She has a mission for us to prove our worth to her, but enough about that for now. It will all be made clear soon enough.” Aiden scooted underneath the covers, turning over to look at me. “For now, let’s just get some sleep. I think we will be safe.”
I joined him under the covers, wishing I could relax, but not being able to stop the feelings of uneasiness.
“Goodnight Aiden.”
I lay facing him snuggling beneath the covers and closing my eyes.
“Yes, Aiden?” I questioned, keeping my eyes shut.
“Now you know how I felt about you and Dak.”
My eyes shot open, to find him staring at me.
“What? You did that on purpose?”
“Jealousy is not a nice feeling is it, my cyar’ika?”
“Why you!…How could you?”
“I admit, it was wrong of me, but it was actually nice to see you be the one jealous for a change.”
Before I could reply, Aiden leaned over and kissed me.
“Just know that you need never worry, my sweet. No one can steal me away. I only have eyes for a feisty little Mandalorian girl.”
Aiden pulled me close, tucking my head in against my shoulder. I wanted to be mad at him, but how could I, when he says things like that! I just let him have the last word, for once. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, wondering what surprises the morning would bring.


  1. Aiden can be such an ass sometimes lol

    • Yes, Aiden can be quite the ass sometimes, but he is real and practical and it just adds to his charm. He is one of my favorite characters that I have created so far. Thanks for reading!

  2. but ya gotta love him 😉

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